15 Top 5th grade graduation gift ideas for daughter

Graduating from fifth grade is an exciting time for any child. It marks the completion of lower school and the start of middle school, where there are many new subjects and activities to try. As the end of the school year approaches, gift ideas for daughters can come to mind, and the following list provides fifteen perfect presents that your daughter is sure to love.


Money is always a great graduation gift for a fifth grader. It allows students to purchase something they want and will be excited to get.

 Magazine Subscriptions:

Magazine subscriptions offer a world of knowledge. Gift magazines are tailored to students’ interests, such as sports, fashion, or science.

 Gift Cards:

Gift cards are always a great gift option. You can give your daughter a card to their favourite store or restaurant.

 Arts and Crafts Supplies:

If your daughter loves to create, gift them arts and crafts supplies. Consider paints, paper, markers, crayons, and other items to inspire your daughter’s creativity.


Give your daughter the gift of reading with a book of her choice. Whether she likes mysteries, romance, science, or something else, she will find a book to enjoy.

 Personalized Items:

Personalized items make great gifts. You can get mugs, wall décor, jewellery, ornaments, and more that feature her name or a special message.

 Digital Camera:

A digital camera is a great idea if your daughter loves taking pictures. She will be excited to take selfies, capture memories, and improve her photography skills.

 Outdoor Gear:

Does your daughter enjoy hiking, biking, or exploring? Consider getting outdoor gear to motivate active outdoor activities.

 Travel Accessories:

With school out for the summer, girls may be looking for adventure. For big trips, give her accessories such as water bottles, wallets, hats, and backpacks.


Jewellery is always a thoughtful gift for any occasion. You can get a necklace, bracelet, or earrings to commemorate her fifth-grade graduation.


Clothes make a great graduation gift. Get her fashionable items such as a nice dress, a T-shirt, a pair of shoes, or even a cool sweater.

 Music Player:

If your daughter loves music, then getting a music player is perfect. She will be able to bring her favourite tunes everywhere with her.


A great gift for a fifth grader is a phone. They will be able to stay in touch with their friends and family.

 Video Game System:

Help her pass the time with a gaming system. Console systems are very popular and will keep your daughter entertained.

 Sports Gear:

Does your daughter enjoy sports? Get her sports gear such as a basketball, soccer ball, helmet, or other items to get her involved in the sports she loves.


What is a good fifth-grade graduation gift for a daughter?

There are many great fifth-grade graduation gift ideas for a daughter. Some items include money, magazine subscriptions, gift cards, arts and crafts supplies, books, personalized items, digital cameras, outdoor gear, travel accessories, jewellery, clothes, music players, phones, video game systems, and sports gear.

What can I give my daughter for her fifth-grade graduation?

You can give your daughter any of the items mentioned in the list for fifth-grade graduation gift ideas for daughter. Whether she is into sports, music, art, technology, or something else, you can find a perfect present to fit her interests.

How much money should I give my daughter for her fifth-grade graduation gift?

This is entirely up to you. If you want to give money as a graduation gift, the amount should be something your daughter can use and appreciate.

In The End

Giving a fifth-grade graduation gift to your daughter is a great way to show her your support as she moves on to middle school. The fifteen gift ideas mentioned here provide endless possibilities for the perfect present for your daughter. Whether she loves sports, art, fashion, music, or something else, each item will make her feel special and give her something to look forward to as she starts a new chapter in her life.

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