15 Top 5th grade graduation gift ideas for boy

Graduation season is here, and choosing the perfect graduation gift for parents of fifth-grade boys can feel daunting. After working and learning hard these past five years, a memorable and special gift can make a world of difference to a fifth grader. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of awesome gifts that can help your son feel celebrated and proud of their transition.

Tech Accessories:

A cool new tech gadget like a pair of wireless headphones, noise cancelling headphones, or a gaming mouse pad can help your son to game or listen to music in enhanced style.

 Sports Equipment:

Gifts that allow your son to work on developing their athletic skills or engage in a competitive sport can be a great option for any athletic fifth grader. Things like a basketball hoop, football, volleyball, or other sports gear can help your son to take a break from their studies and stay active in their new stage of life.

 STEM Toys:

For young scientists, engineers, mathematicians and inventors, a gift that encourages their passion for STEM. Such a gift, like a robot, a coding kit, or a chemistry set.

 Art Supplies:

Boys who enjoy expressing themselves through art may appreciate a high-quality gift like quality art brushes or an easel. Pick up some paper and art supplies to go along with the gift to help nurture your son’s creative side.


A drone can be an entertaining and fun gift for the more adventurous and daring fifth grader. Your son can capture stunning aerial footage with a drone and explore beyond their borders.

 TV Streaming Devices:

A new gadget like a Roku or Amazon Firestick can enhance how your son watches their favourite shows and movies. Plus, it gives them access to a wide variety of streaming providers.

 Board Games:

Make game night fun with an exciting new board game that your son can play with friends and family. Games like Monopoly, Battleship and Scrabble are always popular choices.

 Cannabis Starter Kits:

Lots of aspiring cannabis enthusiasts can be found among teenage fifth graders. Kits like air purifiers, hydroponic gardening systems or various grow kits can be a great gift to a boy interested in cannabis cultivation.

 Subscription boxes:

A monthly subscription box filled with his favourite hobby items can provide hours of exploration and fun. There is something for everyone, whether it’s science experiments, books, arts and crafts or video games.

 Biking Gear:

A new set of wheels, a helmet and a bike lock, can help your son explore the outdoors and beyond. Plenty of options in sizes, colours and styles fit your son’s personality.

 Concert Tickets:

Fifth graders are growing up, and with that comes the ability to go to concerts. Allow your son to attend their favourite artist’s show with a special senior-year ticket.

 Video Games:

The latest video game console or title can provide many hours of fun. Whether a single-player or multiplayer game, your son and his friends can engage in new and exciting adventures.

 Clothing and T-shirts: 

Being able to make a fashion statement is something many young people are increasingly interested in. Shirts, hats or other clothing items with cool graphics or logos can be a way to let your son show off their style.


Capture those special memories in a lasting way and give your son the gift of photography. A digital camera with editing software can give them access to a world of creativity.

 Chill Gear Kit:

Hangouts with friends or parents come alive with a fun chill-out gear kit. It could include items like a beanbag chair, a fuzzy throw blanket, and cool cups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good ideas for a fifth-grade graduation gift for a boy?

Some good ideas for a fifth-grade graduation gift for a boy could be tech accessories, sports equipment, STEM toys, art supplies, a drone, a TV streaming device, board games, cannabis starter kits, subscription boxes, biking gear, concert tickets, video games, clothing and t-shirts, a camera, or a chill gear kit.

What are some fun activity gifts for fifth-grade graduation?

Some fun activity gifts for fifth-grade graduation could be sports equipment, STEM toys, board games, cannabis starter kits, subscription boxes, biking gear, concert tickets, video games, or chill gear kits.

What are some unique gift ideas for a fifth-grade graduate?

Some unique gift ideas for a fifth-grade graduate could be tech accessories, a drone, TV streaming devices, cannabis starter kits, subscription boxes, concert tickets, clothing and t-shirts, or a camera.

In The End

There are various gift options for your fifth-grade son that can help him express himself and explore his potential as he moves on to a whole new world of learning. Everyone can find something that fits their lifestyle and interests, from recreational items to gadgets. We hope that this list of fifth-grade graduation gifts for boys helps you to choose an appropriate and thoughtful gift for your son. Congratulations!

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