15 Rare 5th grade graduation gift ideas for son

Graduation is a milestone event in every child’s life and an occasion that needs to be celebrated. Whether your son is graduating from the 5th grade or college, he deserves to be honoured for all his hard work and dedication. As a parent, you want to make this special occasion more memorable by giving your son a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Gift-giving can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure what your son would appreciate. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best 5th-grade graduation gifts for a son that will leave a lasting impression.


This can be a great graduation present, especially for college-bound students. A laptop will help your son stay connected while on the go and provide him with new opportunities to learn and explore.

 Gift Card:

Give your son the freedom to purchase something of his choosing. A gift card to a favourite store or online retailer will let him pick out something he’ll love.


A digital camera is an ideal gift for any 5th-grade graduate. Not only will it allow him to capture important moments, but it’s also an excellent way to develop his photography skills and creativity.


A classic watch is a timeless graduation gift he can wear for years. It’s also a great way for him to learn the importance of time management.

 Subscription Box:

Give your son the gift of new experiences. A monthly subscription box will provide him with a surprise of items, activities, educational materials, and more.


A drone is the perfect gift if your son is tech-savvy and loves adventure. It’s an exciting way for him to explore, take stunning aerial photos, and even race with friends.

 Magazine Subscription:

A magazine subscription will inspire your son and keep him connected to the world. Choose a topic or subscription that interests him to keep his mind engaged.


Give your son the gift of outdoor exploration. A bicycle will allow him to explore, build endurance, and have fun with friends.

 Music Studio:

Does your son love music? Set him up with a music studio to help nurture his creativity and passion.


Whether fiction or non-fiction, books are always a great option. Increase his knowledge and encourage him to explore new ideas with a few books of his choice.

 Video Games:

Video games can be a great way to have fun and build problem-solving skills while developing important coordination and thinking skills.


This is a gift that your son will enjoy and appreciate for years to come. Pick out a designer pair that he’ll love wearing.

 Art Supplies:

Foster his creativity and expressiveness with art supplies. Everything from paints to sketch papers can be great for fostering his talent.

 Sporting Equipment:

Encourage an active lifestyle and engage in activities with your son. Buy him some sports gear like a soccer ball or basketball to get the ball rolling.

 Gift Basket:

Put together a gift basket full of goodies your son loves: snacks, gaming gadgets, sports memorabilia, or any combination of items.


Are there any age-appropriate 5th-grade graduation gifts?

Yes, some great 5th-grade graduation gifts are both age-appropriate and meaningful. Consider gifting your son a laptop, a subscription box, a smartwatch, or art supplies.

What are some good 5th-grade graduation gifts for a boy? Some good 5th-grade graduation gifts for a boy include a laptop, drone, video games, sporting equipment, and a magazine subscription.

How much should I spend on a 5th-grade graduation gift?

How much you spend on a 5th-grade graduation gift is completely up to you. Generally, you can find great gifts like a magazine subscription, art supplies, and books at affordable prices.


No matter what 5th-grade graduation gift you choose to give your son, it will be a treasured reminder of all the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments he’s achieved thus far in life. By providing him with a meaningful and age-appropriate gift, he’ll develop skills, memories, and experiences that will stay with him for years.

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