15 Rare 5th grade graduation gift ideas for students

Graduating from 5th grade is a major milestone in any student’s life and is a cause for celebration. Graduating from 5th grade is a momentous event that a student and their family will cherish forever. Parents and guardians typically want to give their 5th graders a special gift to commemorate the achievement. With so many possible 5th-grade graduation gifts available, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

To make the search easier, we’ve come up with fifteen of the best 5th-grade graduation gift ideas for students. We’ve provided a brief explanation for each suggestion to help you with the selection process.

GoPro Hero8:

Give your 5th grader the gift of adventure with a GoPro Hero8 camera. With it, they can capture their spectacular shots and videos for a lifetime of memories.

 Cashmere Throw Blanket:

A soft, snuggly cashmere throw blanket is a luxurious, comfortable 5th-grade graduation gift. It’s the perfect gift for students needing extra comfort and warmth, especially during those chilly nights.

 Music Player:

Whether your student loves music, podcasts, or audiobooks, a music player makes an excellent 5th-grade graduation gift. With a music player, your student can listen to their favourite tunes wherever they go.

 Carving Kit:

For any student who loves to create, a carving kit is a great way to nurture their craft. With all the tools needed to start making, your student will have plenty of fun.

 Electronic Notebook:

An electronic notebook is a great 5th-grade graduation gift for students who love to jot down ideas, take notes, or capture artwork on the go.

 Radio-Controlled Vehicle:

Radio-controlled vehicles are an exciting way to explore physics, engineering, and controlled movements. Plus, they make an excellent 5th-grade graduation gift.

 Organic Bonsai Kit:

An organic bonsai kit is an engaging gift that helps your 5th grader explore and learn the art of bonsai.


With a telescope, your student can explore the stars and beyond. It’s a perfect piece of technology for your 5th grader to explore their curiosities.

 Subscription Box:

There are so many subscription boxes available for various interests. They are an ideal 5th-grade graduation gift for students who need extra surprises and adventure.

 Subscription to Learning Website:

A subscription to a learning website is a great 5th-grade graduation gift. Your student will have access to a range of courses and educational material.

 Science Experiment Kit:

For budding scientists, a science experiment kit is an excellent way to nurture their interests. From fun and educational experiments to more obscure fields of science, there’s a kit to fit any student’s interest.


Whether for recreational use or a photography project, drones are a perfect 5th-grade graduation gift.

 A Gift Card to an Educational Store:

An educational store provides plenty of learning materials and products to keep your student’s education going. A gift card to an educational store is an excellent way to congratulate your 5th grader.

 Wireless Headphones:

For any student who likes to rock out, wireless headphones make a perfect 5th-grade graduation gift. They’re perfect for listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts on the go.

 Custom Frames:

What better way to capture your 5th graders’ special moment than with a custom frame? A custom-made frame with plaque or engraving will remind them of their graduation for years.


What type of gift should I get for a 5th grader graduating?

Depending on their interests, many different types of gifts can be given to a 5th grader graduating. Consider getting them an electronic notebook, a subscription to a learning website, or a custom frame to capture the moment.

What are some gifts that are appropriate for a 5th grader?

The gift must be age appropriate and not too adult. Consider some items on our list, such as a GoPro Hero8, a cashmere throw blanket, a music player, or a subscription box.

Are 5th-grade graduation gifts expensive?

Not necessarily. You can find gifts for any budget, ranging from subscription boxes to telescopes. Finding a special gift for your 5th grader is more important to remind them of this momentous occasion.


Graduating from 5th grade is a meaningful and special event. With the right 5th-grade graduation gift, you can help your 5th-grader remember this special moment for years. With fifteen great gift ideas, you can start shopping for your student’s perfect 5th-grade graduation gift.

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