15 Rare Gift ideas for mother-in-law who has everything

It can be difficult to find a special item for someone so well-equipped with all sorts of possessions. However, it is important to show your appreciation for her, and what better way to do so than gifting a token of your affection for the person who, at least in part, helped raise your spouse? Here is a selection of 15 unique gift ideas for your mother-in-law, who has everything.

A subscription service –

From an array of beauty and health products to quality wines and paint-by-numbers kits, a subscription service is a great idea for those with everything. A subscription service will keep your mother-in-law entertained and surprised each month when the package with her goodies arrives in the mail!

 A gift basket –

Curate your gift basket full of her favourites. Put together a spread of anything from chocolates, candy, tea, coffee beans, body wash, jewellery, scarves, and more!

 A journal –

Give your mother-in-law a special place to express her thoughts and feelings. Write a heartfelt message in the beginning, telling her why you chose her, and hand-pick a special journal that she will surely cherish.

 A cooking class –

If your mother-in-law is a foodie, give her a chance to sharpen her culinary skills with a hands-on cooking class!

 A family photo book –

Compile special photos of your family to display them in a photo book. This way, your mother-in-law can constantly be reminded of her family and the wonderful times you have shared.

 Home décor –

If your mother-in-law loves to decorate her home, look for a special accent piece such as a cushion, throw, artwork or wall hanging to spruce up her space.

 A thoughtful card –

This is always a great option if you’re strapped for ideas and don’t have much money to spend. Write something sweet or funny inside the card, and your mother-in-law will know you thought of her.

 A work of art –

Help your mother-in-law create her dream home décor with a piece of meaningful artwork, be it a painting, hanging, or sculpture.

 A spa treatment –

Help your mother-in-law de-stress with a spa treatment of her choice, from a facial to a massage, hair treatments to a mani/pedi.

 Landscaping service –

If your mother-in-law loves her garden and enjoys watching her flowers bloom and trees sway in the wind, surprise her with some landscaping services for her garden.

 A herbal tea gift set –

If your mother-in-law loves to relax with a cup of tea, find her a herbal tea gift set with an array of herbal teas to energize, calm, and awaken her senses.

 A cooking book –

If your mother-in-law is a master chef, a cooking book will make the perfect gift. Fill it up with recipes from around the world that are guaranteed to spice up her cooking.

 An indoor plant –

If your mother-in-law loves décor, give her a unique present with an indoor plant. From ivy to ferns, select the perfect plant she can lovingly nurture and watch grow.

 A magical terrarium –

This is the perfect gift for a mother-in-law who loves plants; she can watch a miniature garden flourish in her home with a terrarium.

 A box of chocolates –

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most thoughtful. Get your mother-in-law a box of her favourite chocolates – it’s a guaranteed way to put a smile on her face.


What are some realistic gifts for someone who has everything?

Depending on your budget and the type of gift you would like to give, there are many items that your mother-in-law might appreciate. Some more realistic gifts include a subscription service, a family photo book, a work of art, a spa treatment, an herbal tea gift set, a cooking book, an indoor plant, a magical terrarium, or a box of chocolates.

What should I avoid gifting my mother-in-law?

Before purchasing a gift for your mother-in-law, consider any potential taboos, religions, and/or personal beliefs that she might have. Other things to avoid gifting her include alcohol, lingerie, and anything too personal or intimate.

How can I make sure the gift I pick out is memorable to my mother-in-law?

Put thought and effort into the gift that you are giving your mother-in-law. Make sure that it is tailored to her likes, interests, and/or hobbies. If you cannot buy a gift for her, create a card or write a heartfelt note expressing exactly why you love and appreciate her.


Picking out the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, especially if she has everything, can be difficult. From a family photo book to a box of chocolates, there are plenty of unique gifts your mother-in-law will love and cherish. Utilize the advice and tips above to ensure your present represents your love and appreciation for your special mother-in-law.

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