What is a Good Inexpensive Hostess Gift?

When invited to someone’s home, it is customary to bring a small gift for the hostess. You don’t want to spend much money, but ensure the gift is considered. Here are some ideas for good, inexpensive hostess gifts. A good inexpensive hostess gift is something that is both thoughtful and practical. A nice bottle of wine or a scented candle are always well-received, but if you want to go the extra mile, try something like a nice set of dish towels or an interesting cookbook. Your hostess will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!

What is an Appropriate Gift for a Hostess?

When finding the perfect gift for a hostess, remember a few things. First, you’ll want to consider the occasion. If it’s a holiday party or dinner party, you’ll want to find something festive and appropriate for the season. For example, a nice bottle of wine or champagne is always well-received. You can be more relaxed with your gift selection if it’s a more casual gathering, like a barbecue or pool party. Any hostess would appreciate a nice basket filled with summer snacks or drinks. No matter the occasion, though, there are a few universal truths when giving gifts to hostesses. 

Firstly, it’s always nice to include something personalised with your gift. This could be anything from adding their name to a label on the wine bottle to picking out a book that you know they’ll love based on previous conversations. Secondly, think about what they would use and enjoy – there’s no point in giving someone something that will end up collecting dust on a shelf. And lastly, make sure your gift is wrapped nicely! A beautiful presentation can go a long way in showing how much thought and effort you put into finding the right present for your hostess.

When Should You Not Bring a Hostess Gift?

Hostess gifts are a thoughtful way to show appreciation for someone’s hospitality, but there are a few occasions when it’s best to avoid bringing one. If you’re a close friend or family member of the host, they may feel uncomfortable accepting a gift from you. Additionally, if you know the host is struggling financially, bringing a gift may put them in an awkward position. 

It’s also important to consider the occasion – if it’s a small gathering or dinner party, a simple gesture like bringing a dessert or offering to help with cleanup should suffice. In general, err on caution and use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to bring a hostess gift.

Is It Customary to Bring a Gift to the Host?

It is not customary to bring a gift to a host. However, if you are invited to someone’s home for dinner, bringing a small gift, such as flowers or a bottle of wine, is polite.

Last-Minute Hostess Gift Ideas

When it comes to hosting a party or get-together, last-minute preparations can be stressful. One way to take some of the pressure off is by having a few hostess gift ideas up your sleeve. Here are five thoughtful and unique gifts that are sure to please any hostess: 

1. A nice bottle of wine or champagne. This is always a classic and appreciated gift. Choose something that fits the occasion and the hostess’s taste. 

2. A festive cake or dessert. If you need more time, pick up something from a local bakery or grocery store. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, bake something yourself! 

3. Flowers. Brighten up the party space with a beautiful bouquet. Again, choose something that fits the occasion and the hostess’s taste. 

4. A scented candle. This is a great way to add some ambience to the party space – check if the hostess has any allergies first! 

5. A festive decoration. Whether it’s a string of lights, a holiday wreath, or anything in between – adding a little extra decoration will show that you went above and beyond for the event.


A good hostess gift does not have to be expensive. Something personal, like a plant or a scented candle, is always appreciated. If you are still trying to decide what to get, ask the hostess for her favourite colour or scent. Most importantly, remember to include a handwritten note expressing your thanks.

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