15 unique Middle school graduation gift ideas for son

Graduation is an important event in anyone’s life; it marks the end of elementary or middle school and the beginning of a new journey toward high school and later adulthood. As your son celebrates this milestone, you want to give him something special to appreciate the moment. You want to find a unique, thoughtful gift that celebrates his journey.

To help you find the perfect middle school graduation gift for your son, here’s a list of 15 ideal presents that both you and he will love:


Gadgets like headphones, speakers, laptops, tablets, cameras, and video games are perfect presents to help your son stay connected with friends and family as he transitions to a new school.

 Gift cards:

Allow him to buy something independently with a gift card to his favorite stores like Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart.


Get him clothes to prepare for the upcoming school year or a nice shirt or jacket for special occasions.


Graduation day is a great time to reward them for their hard work and dedication. Give him money or a savings bond that he can use to save for his future.

 Growing Supplies:

Give him supplies to grow plants or vegetables to encourage him to learn more about nature, science, and the environment.


Get him books he can read and enjoy as he transitions to high school.

 A Trip:

If your son loves traveling, why not take him on a special trip to celebrate his graduation?

 Sports Equipment:

Buy him some sports equipment or a membership to the local gym to help him stay active and healthy.

 A Hobby Starter Kit:

Get him a hobby starter kit like game consoles, art and craft supplies, cooking kits, and more to keep him busy and creative.

 A New Bike:

Get a new bike to help him maintain his physical fitness, stay active and explore the world around him.

 A Watch:

Get him a stylish watch for a more mature look.

 Music Instruments:

Invest in instruments like a guitar or a keyboard to encourage him to pursue his musical interests.

 Personalized Gifts:

Make your son feel special by getting him something personalized with his name or a special message.

 A Scholarship Fund:

Set up a college or scholarship fund to help him achieve his higher academic goals.

 A Journal:

Get a journal to help him write down his thoughts, aspirations, and dreams.


What are some great middle school graduation gifts for a 14-year-old son?

Some of the best gifts for a 14-year-old son are electronics such as headphones, tablets, and video games; gift cards; clothing, money; growing supplies; books; a trip; sports equipment; a hobby starter kit; a new bike; a watch; music instruments; personalized gifts; a scholarship fund; and a journal.

How much money should I give my son for his graduation?

The amount of money you should give your son depends on your budget, but it’s also important to consider what he might want or need. Consider giving a smaller amount of money as an immediate reward and a larger amount as a college fund to set him up for his future.

What is the best way to use graduation money?

The best way to use graduation money is to save it for your son’s future needs. Investing in investing funds, college savings accounts, or even business start-up costs can be helpful.

In Summary

Graduation is an important and great time to celebrate your son’s achievements. The perfect middle school graduation gift for your son can make him feel loved and appreciated. From thoughtful presents to suitable contributions, plenty of gift ideas for middle school graduations can express your pride and make your son’s day extra special.

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