15 Unique Boot camp graduation gift ideas from friend

Graduating boot camp can be an exciting time for a friend. There is something unique and special about officially completing such a challenging accomplishment. If you are looking for a creative way to celebrate and congratulate your friend as they reach the end of their boot camp journey, giving them a thoughtful and impactful gift is the perfect way to show them how proud you are.

Finding the right boot camp graduation gift can take time, especially if you want to avoid typical presents like money or gift cards. Don’t worry—we have you covered. Here is our list of 15 great boot camp graduation gift ideas from friends.

Fitness Tracker –

A Fitbit or Apple watch can be the perfect gift for a boot camp grad—it’s a reminder that they should take care of themselves and a great tool to keep track of their progress.

 Gym Membership –

Giving them a gym membership is a great way to celebrate your friend and ensure they stay in shape after boot camp. A month is great to get them set up without the risk of over-committing.

 Customized Basketball Court Mat –

This unique and custom gift allows your boot camp graduate to keep their skills sharp while taking a break from actual camp activities.

 Home Workout DVDs –

Be the cheerleader your boot camp graduate needs by purchasing them some new workout DVDs to do in their own home.

 Bootcamp Themed Cake –

Whether it’s a moment for your friend to keep or something to share as part of their graduation ceremony, a boot camp-themed cake is a sweet and fitting way to make your friend’s graduation extra special.

 Personal Training Sessions –

Many boot camp graduates are ambitious about their future health and fitness goals. Give them a helping hand to help them stay in shape by buying them a few personal training sessions.

 Personal Chef –

A healthy diet is a key part of maintaining an active lifestyle. Help your friend keep up with their health goals by hiring a personal chef to make weeknight meals for them.

 Yoga/Pilates Classes –

Give the gift of relaxation to your boot camp grad with yoga or pilates classes. This is especially important after completing a tough boot camp training program.

 Bootcamp Survival Kit –

Put together a survival kit with all the essential items a boot camp grad will need, such as protein bars, energy drinks, gym bags, new workout clothes and protein powder.

 Post-Boot Camp Vacation –

Nothing says congrats for completing boot camp like a relaxing beach getaway. Allow your friend to enjoy the hard work they put in with a post-boot camp trip!

 Sweat Towels –

A simple and affordable gift, sweat towels make great boot camp graduation gifts, as boot campers will be sweating a lot.

 Massage Gift Certificate –

Your boot camp grad deserves a break from all their hard work to complete the program. Give them a chance to relax and unwind with a massage gift certificate.

 Meal Delivery Service –

Meal delivery services not only provide someone with amazing meals they don’t have to make themselves, but they also often come packaged in recyclable and compostable containers, making them a great gift for a boot camp graduate striving to be eco-friendly.

 Bootcamp Training and Nutrition Books –

A great way to help your boot camp grad stay motivated and inspired is to give them a few books on boot camp training and nutrition. They make great resources for anyone looking to continue their progress after boot camp.

 Boot Camp Gear and Apparel –

If you’re looking for a physical reminder of the accomplishments of your boot camp graduate, then a piece of boot camp gear or apparel is the way to go. Whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, or even a video game based on the activities at boot camp, there is something for every budget.


What are some unique boot camp graduation gifts?

Some unique boot camp graduation gifts include a fitness tracker, gym membership, customized basketball court mat, home workout DVDs, boot camp-themed cake, personal training sessions, personal chef, yoga/pilates classes, a boot camp survival kit, post-boot camp vacation, sweat towels, massage gift certificate, meal delivery services, and boot camp training and nutrition books.

What should I get my friend for boot camp graduation?

The best boot camp graduation gifts are thoughtful and personalized for the recipient. You can think of something that expresses how proud you are of your friend and also helps to encourage and motivate them on their health and fitness journey. Consider a gift like a fitness tracker, gym membership, or customized basketball court mat.

Is it okay to give alcohol as a boot camp graduation gift?

No, it is not appropriate to give alcohol as a boot camp graduation gift. Boot camp is a physically and mentally strenuous program, and alcohol could be detrimental to their progress. It is best to avoid adult products and alcohol when choosing a gift idea.

In Summary

When finding the perfect boot camp graduation gift for a special friend, you don’t have to settle for typical graduation gifts like money or gift cards. Many creative, thoughtful, and impactful gifts can show your friend how proud you are of them and help them stay motivated on their health and fitness journey. We hope this list of 15 excellent boot camp graduation gifts from friends has helped give you some ideas on recognizing your boot camp grad!

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