15 Unique College graduation gift ideas for new teachers

The end of college marks an exciting milestone in any young person’s life. It marks a transition into the real world and is a cause of celebration for both the student and those closest to them. For the student, it may also present the opportunity to embark upon a career in teaching, which is rewarding and fulfilling. If you know someone whose goal is to be a teacher, you may be looking for the perfect college graduation gift to send them.

This article will list fifteen great gifts for new teachers, including consumables and physical objects. It will also include some FAQs to help you make the most of the gifts you choose and provide a few final thoughts to remember.

Technology accessories:

Teachers often need to stay ahead of the technology game and need a few necessary accessories to get them off on the right foot. Consider gifting them with tech accessories such as USB drives, extra laptop power adapters, webcams, or even a full-size computer mouse.

 Extra markers and pens:

New teachers need more markers, crayons, and pens! Teach math, science, and writing with colourful pens and markers.

 Whiteboard and eraser:

A whiteboard and eraser are must-haves for a new teacher’s classroom. Writing notes, projecting lessons, and executing classroom activities become much easier when you have a solid whiteboard in your corner.

 Flashcards or Materials kits:

Whether you get them extra flashcards, a materials kit designed for a subject, they’ll be teaching, or a specially designed organizing folder, these items will help them stay organized and prepared.

 On-the-go coffee mug:

New teachers are often on the go and will likely take their coffee with them! A sturdy and well-insulated mug is a must-have for those early mornings and late nights at the office.

 Seat cushions:

Many teachers are known to sit in their classrooms for hours on end. Help them stay comfortable and focused by buying a seat cushion for the hard chair they’re sitting in.

 A set of books:

Invest in a set of books that they can use in their classroom. A collection of stories, poems, or even science texts might help new teachers during their first days on the job.

 A book light:

New teachers will likely take their studies home and appreciate a nice book light to help them read at night or in dark classrooms.

 Winter clothing:

During their first year, new teachers will spend their days in the elements, so why not ensure they have appropriate winter clothing to keep them warm and safe?

 Teacher-specific home decorations:

Whether it’s a poster, rug, mug, or clock, find an item that reflects their chosen profession and give it to them as a token of appreciation.

 A gift card to a local restaurant:

Many teachers will appreciate a meal out as they are often busy and stressed. Buy them a gift card to a local restaurant so they can treat themselves during their first year on the job.

 Classroom plants:

Studies have found that having plants in the classroom calms students, so a few plants can set the tone for a positive learning environment.

 An inspirational journal:

If a new teacher is looking for motivation and inspiration, a nice journal could be the perfect gift to help them stay organized and invigorated.

 A planner:

Every successful teacher needs a planner. Buy them a planner to stay on top of their lessons and stay organized.

 A subscription to a service or magazine:

Whether it’s a magazine subscription or an online teaching service, this is a great way for a new teacher to stay current on the latest trends, share ideas with fellow teachers, and gain insight from experienced teachers.


What’s the best way to personalize a gift for a new teacher?

Adding a personalized message or noting an element of the teacher’s interests on a gift can be a great way to make it extra special. For example, if the teacher is passionate about a certain sport, adding a mini basketball or a personalized message of support to a basketball ornament could make the perfect gift.

How can I ensure the new teacher doesn’t already have the gift I’m considering?

Most teachers are open to gift suggestions, and asking them what they would appreciate is always helpful. If they’re open to being surprised, research their particular interests and find something that you think they might be interested in but may still need to own.

How much should I spend on a college graduation gift?

It depends on your budget, but most people suggest spending up to $50 on a graduation gift for a new teacher. Plenty of options are available for any budget, so you can still find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

In Summary

Finding the perfect college graduation gift for a new teacher can be challenging. But, with the right amount of research and thoughtfulness, you can ensure they receive something special and unique! From technology accessories to inspirational journals, plenty of great gifts could help them transition into the real world. Just remember to personalize your gift thoughtfully, check to make sure they still need to own something similar and stay within your budget. With these three tips in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for any new teacher in your life. Good luck!

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