15 Exclusive College graduation gift ideas for son in law

Graduating from college is a major milestone in life and begins a new journey. To show the special son-in-law how much you care, getting him a meaningful and thoughtful gift to commemorate this momentous occasion is perfect. From practical items to memorable keepsakes, a thoughtful present can show your son-in-law how proud you are of what he has achieved. Here is a list of 15 college graduation gift ideas for my son-in-law to get started.

Money clip:

Get your son-in-law a useful money clip to start his professional life, or engrave it with a special message or quote for a personal touch.

 Messenger bag:

This is a great way to give your son-in-law a practical yet stylish gift. Get him a messenger bag for his work, laptop and important documents.


A timeless gift, a watch is a great way to show your appreciation. Get him a watch with a special engraving or a design commemorating his college graduation.

 Desktop accessories:

A nice set of desktop accessories can spruce up his workspace and show your son-in-law you know his accomplishments.

 Meal plan subscription:

With this convenient subscription, your son-in-law can get meals delivered to his doorstep every week.


A great gift for any music lover, a pair of stylish and functional headphones can be used by your son-in-law in his office, on trips, and more.

 Monthly book subscription:

Give your son-in-law the gift of knowledge by getting him a monthly book subscription. He’ll get new titles sent to him each month and will be able to explore new topics.

 An Amazon Echo:

For the tech-savvy son-in-law, an Amazon Echo could be the perfect way to show your appreciation. This device can respond to voice commands and be used for various tasks, like playing music and making video calls.

 Smart Home Devices:

If your son-in-law loves the latest technology and gadgets, get him smart home devices. He can enjoy all the smart home conveniences, from lighting kits to security systems.

 A set of personalized coasters:

Get your son-in-law a set of personalized coasters with a design that suits his taste and reflects his college graduation.

 A weekend getaway:

Give your son-in-law a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and treat him to a weekend getaway in a location of his choice.

 A scrapbook:

Get your son-in-law a scrapbook and fill it with memories, photos and mementoes from his college days.

 Tile Tracker:

For the son-in-law who is always on the go, get him a Tile Tracker. With a simple app, this device lets him keep track of his keys or wallet.

 His favourite magazine subscription:

Is your son-in-law a fan of a particular magazine or subscription? Then getting him a year-long subscription to his favourite magazine can make a great college graduation gift.

 Bluetooth speaker:

A must-have gift for any gadget lover, a Bluetooth speaker can be used anywhere, from outdoor parties to office meetings.


What are some good college graduation gifts for my son-in-law?

Some good college graduation gifts for son-in-law include money clips, messenger bags, watches, desktop accessories, meal plan subscriptions, headphones, monthly book subscriptions, Amazon Echos, smart home devices, personalized coasters, weekend getaways, scrapbooks, tile trackers, magazine subscriptions and Bluetooth speakers.

How do I choose a thoughtful graduation gift for my son-in-law?

When choosing a graduation gift for your son-in-law, consider his personality, interests and hobbies. If he’s tech-savvy, get him a smart home device or Amazon Echo. Or, if he likes to travel and explore, get him a weekend getaway or a monthly subscription to his favourite magazine.

How much should I spend on a college graduation gift for my son-in-law?

The amount you should spend on a college graduation gift depends on what you feel comfortable with. You can get something small, like a money clip, or something more expensive, like a weekend getaway. Whatever you decide to get, it’s sure to show your appreciation and pride for your son-in-law.

In The End

In conclusion, a graduation gift for your son-in-law is a great way to show your appreciation and pride for his big accomplishment. From useful items to memorable keepsakes, there will surely be a meaningful present that your son-in-law will love and cherish. Give him something unique and special to commemorate this important milestone.

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