15 Unique 8th grade graduation gift ideas for friends

For many people, the 8th-grade graduation of a friend is a special milestone in their lives. It marks the transition from child to young adult and is a time of celebration and accomplishment. As a friend or family member, you may be honoring the occasion with a special gift, so here are some 8th-grade graduation gift ideas for friends that will be appreciated and enjoyed.

A personalized music box.

A personalized music box is an elegant and timeless gift that will be cherished. Personalize the music box with a heartfelt message and the graduate’s initials or name.

 A laptop.

As young adults, laptops are a must-have for any budding student or for connecting with friends and family. Get a laptop and personalize it with a laptop case, custom decal, and laptop sleeve that also come with complementary gifts.

 Embroidered backpack.

An embroidered backpack with the new graduate’s initials is a classic and stylish way to show their accomplishments and that you care.

 A jewelry box.

Every young woman needs a place to store her jewelry and keepsakes. Get her a beautiful jewelry box embossed with a special message and a wonderful reminder of your appreciation.

 A book.

A book is always a good idea for a gift and a great way to provide inspiration and support. Get a book from the 8th-grade graduate’s favorite author or a new book from a genre that interests them.

 Customized stationery set.

Stationery is always practical and useful for young adults as they start to write letters to friends and choose college programs. Find a unique stationery set with the graduate’s initials for a personal touch.

 A gift basket.

Gift baskets are the perfect way to compile several gifts into one. Get a basket and fill it with items the graduate loves – from candy to bath products and sports gear.

 A phone case.

Personalize a phone case with photos and design elements that are meaningful to the graduate and a reminder of their accomplishments.

 A watch.

Watches are timeless pieces that make great graduation gifts. Get a nice personalized watch with a special engraving or message.

 An art kit.

An art kit is a great way to provide an escape and outlet for creative expression. Look for art kits with optional digital or online components that the 8th-grade graduate can use to explore their creative side.

 A gift card.

Get a gift card to help the graduate explore and try new things with friends. Look for gift cards to movies, restaurants, or stores that cater to their interests.

 A game.

Many teens and young adults enjoy video and board games. Select an age-appropriate and entertaining game for the 8th-grade graduate and their friends.

 Tickets to a show/concert/event.

A great way to support your friend’s interests is to get tickets to an upcoming show or event. If the student is a big music or sports fan, get tickets to an event of their choice.

 Sentimental items.

Sentimental items, like photos and a heartfelt card, are a wonderful and meaningful way to celebrate your friend’s 8th-grade graduation.

 A membership.

A subscription membership to a club or organization is a practical and thoughtful gift. Choose one that aligns with the graduate’s interests – like a nature or film club.


What is a good gift for 8th-grade graduation?

A good gift for 8th-grade graduation could be a personalized music box, laptop, embroidered backpack, jewelry box, book, customized stationery set, gift basket, phone case, watch, art kit, gift card, game, tickets to a show/concert/event, sentimental item, or a membership.

What is an appropriate graduation gift?

An appropriate graduation gift would be something meaningful, like a personalized music box, embroidered backpack, jewelry box, book, customized stationery set, gift basket, game, tickets to a show/concert/event, sentimental item, or membership.

How much should I spend on an 8th-grade graduation gift?

It is up to the gift-giver to decide how much to spend on an 8th-grade graduation gift. However, gifts for 8th-grade graduations should be meaningful and appropriate for the event.

In Summary

Regarding 8th-grade graduation gifts for friends, there is no shortage of possibilities. From practical items like a laptop to sentimental items like a custom music box, there is a perfect 8th-grade graduation gift for everyone. No matter the gift, it’s important to have the sentiment behind it and to remember to celebrate your friend’s or family member’s achievement. A heartfelt message, given in person or written on a card, can add even more to the 8th-grade graduation gift.

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