15 Uncommon Graduation gift ideas for college bound students

Graduation Day is one of a young scholar’s most significant days. After years of hard work and dedication, young high schoolers finally have the chance to break free and start their college journey. Giving the graduates a great gift to reflect on their accomplishments makes sense for such an important event. Buying graduation gifts for college-bound students can sometimes be intimidating and overwhelming.

Therefore, we brought together 15 amazing graduation gift ideas for college-bound students that can help the graduates prepare for college, enjoy their journey and make the most out of their newfound freedom. We made sure to come up with gifts that are fun, practical and meaningful to make this list a suitable source for anyone shopping for graduation gifts:

Portable Charger:

Portable phone chargers can be handy when they start college as they won’t have to waste time searching for a plug to charge their phone.

 Small Speakers:

Speakers can be a great gift, especially if the graduate likes to party and host gatherings.

 Alcohol-Free Cocktail Mixers:

For those who don’t drink alcohol, a pack of alcohol-free cocktail mixers is an absolute must.

 Money Lunchbox :

A money lunchbox can be a great gift as it’s a discreet way for them to save money for a rainy day.

 Reusable Water Bottle:

College campuses are great when it comes to environmental awareness. Therefore, getting the graduates a reusable water bottle is the perfect way to help them contribute to the campaign.

 Dorm Room Decorations:

Decorations can liven up any space and make it more charming and unique.

 Books or e-Reader:

Graduates need to keep themselves informed and educated. Therefore, a great gift can be a book or an e-Reader.


Cookbooks can be a great gift if they graduate as an aspiring cook.

 Subscription Box:

College life can be monotonous, and the graduates may need something to lift their spirits. A subscription box might be the perfect gift!

 Personalized Clothing:

Personalized items are always a crowd-pleaser. There are a lot of online stores today that offer personalized clothes and accessories.

 Phone Case:

A trendy phone case might be the perfect way for the graduate to make a statement and stand out!

 Self-defense Keychain:

Crime has become an issue withstanding the world, and helping graduates protect themselves is noble and necessary.

 Resume Builder:

Colleges will emphasize the graduate’s resumes when applying for internships and jobs. Therefore, resume-building software would be helpful.

 Stationery Set:

Stationery sets are always a great gift for young minds.

 Emergency Care Package:

College students can benefit from having an emergency care package that contains all the necessary items, from first-aid items to energy bars, in case of an emergency.


What are some of the best graduation gifts for college-bound students?

Some of the best graduation gifts for college-bound students include a portable charger, small speakers, alcohol-free cocktail mixers, money lunchboxes, reusable water bottles, dorm room decorations, books or e-Reader, cookbooks, subscription boxes, personalized clothing, phone case, self-defence keychain, resume builder, a stationery set, and emergency care package.

Are there any gifts I should avoid when buying graduation gifts for college-bound students?

It is best to avoid giving alcohol-related gifts such as wine, beer, or any other 18+ adult products, as college students are often not supposed to consume alcohol.

Are there any affordable graduation gifts for college-bound students?

Many affordable graduation gifts for college-bound students include dorm room decorations, books or e-Reader, cookbooks, subscription boxes, personalized clothing, a phone case, a stationery set, and an emergency care package.


Graduation Day should reflect all the hard work done by the graduates, and a meaningful gift can make the occasion special. We hope our list of 15 graduation gifts for college-bound students can help you find the perfect gift for this special day. It doesn’t need to be overly expensive; it should be something meaningful, thoughtful and unique that the graduate can cherish and remember for the rest of their life. Congratulations, graduates! Best of luck on your college journey!

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