15 Uncommon Gift ideas for son’s college graduation

Graduating from college marks an important milestone in any young adult’s life, and it deserves to be commemorated. If your son is graduating and you’re looking for gift ideas to mark the occasion, you’ve come to the right place! From practical presents to thoughtful keepsakes, here are 15 gift ideas to make your son’s college graduation special.

A laptop:

Whether for work, leisure, or both, a brand-new laptop is always a great gift for your son’s college graduation. Consider what your son needs the laptop for, and get one with the necessary specs and features.

 An experience gift:

Consider gifting your son an experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s a cooking class, skydiving, a trip abroad, or anything, an experience gift will last a lifetime.

 A watch:

A watch is a classic graduation gift that your son can keep forever. Consider a style that reflects his personality, from a digital smartwatch to a traditional leather band.

 A gym membership:

Graduation marks the perfect time for your son to set new goals and stay fit. Gifting him a gym membership is one way to help him reach his fitness goals.

 An e-reader:

An e-reader is an ideal gift for someone who loves to read. Fill up the library of your son’s favourite books, and you may never hear the end!

 A bike:

Help your son get around town with a cool new bike. Choose from different styles, from a rugged mountain bike to a sleek road bike.

 A massage:

As a graduation present, a massage is a great way to help your son relax and destress after a long year of exams and finishing projects.

 A cookbook:

What better way to celebrate your son’s college graduation than by gifting him a cookbook? With this gift, he’ll be able to sharpen his cooking skills as he enters the ‘real’ world.

 A bundle of gift cards:

Choose various gift cards tailored to your son’s needs, from food to clothing.

 An engraved notebook:

Gift your son an engraved notebook in which they can jot down their ideas and aspirations.

 A camera:

Reinvent how your son commemorates his experiences with a digital camera that can capture all of life’s precious moments.

 A subscription box:

With a subscription box, your son can enjoy a monthly surprise. Subscription boxes come in all kinds of themes – from outdoor apparel to health snacks – and will surely bring a smile to his face.

 A mixing set:

Whether your son is an aspiring DJ, a mixing set is a great gift. He can create his tracks quickly if you get him one with pre-programmed beats.

 A membership:

Gift your son a membership to his local library or museum where he can take advantage of learning opportunities and explore interesting topics.

 A personalized photo album:

Put together pictures of your son’s college years and have them bound into a personalized photo album he can keep forever.


Is wine or beer a good gift idea for a college graduate?

No, wine or beer is not a suitable gift for someone under 21.

What type of laptop should I get for my son’s college graduation?

Consider what your son needs the laptop for, and get one with the necessary specs and features. If you’re unsure, ask him for a list of specifications.

What type of gift is best for a college graduation?

It depends on your son’s individual needs and interests. Some touch gifs could be a laptop, experience gift, watch, e-reader, camera or membership.


Graduating from college is a special event, and your son deserves a special gift to celebrate it. With the variety of ideas presented here, you should be able to find the perfect gift to commemorate your son’s college graduation. Consider his individual needs and interests and look for a gift that shows him how proud you are of him and how bright his future will be. Congratulations!

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