15 Uncommon Gift ideas for grandkids who have everything

Do you need help finding the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your grandchild who seems to have it all? Shopping for young grandchildren can become a daunting task, especially when they seem to have everything they could need. While grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren, navigating the world of gift-giving can become tricky. This guide contains 15 gift ideas for the grandchildren who have everything. With a few thoughtful gifts your grandchildren can enjoy, you can still add extra joy and excitement to the special occasion.

Electronics Classes.

Every child loves to explore and develop new skills. Electronics classes for kids can teach children how to build a drone, program robots, and assemble a working computer. This learning fosters creativity and confidence, making it a great present for the grandkids who have it all.

 An Artsy Activity Kit.

Nothing brings more joy to a child than building something with their own two hands. A collage-making kit, art set, or clay package can provide plenty of entertainment and spark creativity in your grandchildren.

 Subscription boxes.

Gift subscriptions can be a great way to provide education and fun for your grandchildren each month. Subscription boxes for science, coding, and cooking can introduce them to new study topics and the fun of discovering something new.

 Gift Membership.

Membership services like a monthly pottery membership for ceramics lovers or a tech membership for tech lovers can facilitate your grandchildren’s creative and tinkering dreams. These memberships can also include access to online databases, forums, and coaches that can keep them connected to a source of knowledge.

 Beginner Cooking Basics.

Nothing can teach responsibility and confidence like cooking. Maybe your grandchild wants to start in the kitchen but needs basic kitchen tools like blending, cutting, and baking accessories. A starter kit of baking materials or a kitchen apron can encourage them to try it.

 A Video Game Console.

This can be a great way to provide hours of entertainment and an easy family game night. While the grandkids may already have the latest in gaming systems, consider getting a retro classics game console for some retro fun.

 DIY Science and Engineering sets.

Science sets and engineering projects can open the world to a more creative and problem-solving play area. These DIY sets bring the scientific process to your grandchildren and can show them the fascinating side of science and engineering.

 Gardening Tools.

Planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs can bring them closer to nature. Consider getting small child-sized garden tools like potting supplies, aprons, and hand tools to get them started with the process.

 A Field Trip.

Instead of a physical gift, consider taking them out for a day of adventure and discovery. Whether you take them to the zoo, a planetarium, or a fascinating landmark museum, this gift of exploration will stay with them long past the present opening.

 A Telescope.

Nothing can bring the night sky to life quite like a telescope. Let your grandkids explore the mystery of the stars and planets with a quality telescope meant for children and explore the galaxies like never before.

 An Online Course.

An online course tailored to the interests of your grandchild can give them access to knowledge about something they care about. Whether the course is about astronomy, the craft of sewing, music, or the language of coding, it’s a practical gift that can foster learning and discovery.

 A Zoom Collage.

Have your grandchild put together a digital photo collage of the two of you. This way, you can always have it visible whenever you Zoom them, always remembering how special your bond is.

 An Epic Playlist.

What better way to honor your grandchild’s tastes in music than to gift them a playlist? Compile an amazing collection of classics from the past and jams from the current airwaves to bring some good music into their lives.

 Clothes and Accessories.

Clothes can be a thoughtful gift for any kid; even those with it all can benefit from some new styles. Pick trendy outfits and accessories to show them how much you appreciate their style.

 A Customized Live Plant.

A low-maintenance indoor plant can be more than just a decoration; it can symbolize growth, trust, and responsibility. Put together a customized arrangement with a special pot, soil, and water, and let them know that you’re with them every step of the way as they nurture and care for it.


What are the best gift ideas for kids who have everything?

The best gifts for grandkids who have it all are experiences, subscription boxes, and DIY activities. Electronics classes, artsy activity kits, membership services, and online courses can all provide the opportunity to learn new skills and express creativity.

What is a good gift for a young grandchild?

Good gifts for a young grandchild include gardening tools, a video game console, a telescope, or beginning cooking basics. Consider taking your grandchild on a field trip as a meaningful and educational present.

What are some fun gifts to give kids?

Fun gifts to give kids include subscription boxes, collage-making kits, DIY science and engineering projects, and video game consoles. Consider also creating a customized live plant that they can care for and watch grow.


Though finding a gift for the grandkids who have it all can seem like a tall order, with some thoughtfulness and creativity, you can find the perfect present to make them smile. Gifts such as electronics classes, art activity kits, DIY science and engineering projects, and subscription boxes for monthly skill building can bring fun and education to keep your grandchildren engaged and delighted. With any of these items in hand, you’re sure to spark joy in the lives of your special grandchildren.

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