15 Rare Gift ideas for kids who have everything

It can be challenging shopping for children who seemingly have everything. You may search high and low for the perfect present during the holidays. Never fear! We understand this dilemma, so we brainstormed some gift ideas for kids with everything. Whether your child is a teenager, tween, or younger child, you’ll find something they’ll love while also getting their creative juices flowing.

A yearly subscription to a magazine –

There’s nothing quite like getting something in the post, especially if it’s a magazine! If your child loves cars, sports, fashion, or science, you’ll find something for them.

 An app store gift card –

Apps are a great way to increase creativity and challenge thinking. With a range of gaming, educational, and lifestyle apps, an app store gift card allows your child to select their favorite app.

 A robotic toy –

Robotics is a great way to promote creativity and problem-solving skills. There are a wide range of robotic toys available. To make a cool robot even cooler, you can buy kits and accessories to customize the look.

 A craft subscription –

For creative minds, purchasing a craft subscription gives your kids access to various materials. Each monthly box contains a selection of materials and a handbook containing instructions and ideas to help your child create awesome projects throughout the year.

 A state-of-the-art scanner –

Document scanners are becoming more affordable year by year. You can buy simple scanners or, if you’re up for it, try a portable scanner equipped with a printer and a scanner all in one.

 A 3D printer –

These days, 3D printers have become readily available to buy. Whether your child is tech-savvy or just getting into 3D printing, they can create awesome designs and learn great life skills.

 A personalized wooden box –

For the older kids who have everything, this personalized wooden box is a special and unique item that’ll be remembered for years. The box can be personalized with a quote or other meaningful inscription.

 An electric skateboard –

If your child loves and lives for extreme sports, an electric skateboard is their perfect gift. They’re incredibly fun, easy to ride, and great for getting around town.

 A bubble machine –

For little kids, a bubble machine can provide hours of fun. Today’s bubble machines are much more technologically advanced and can produce many more bubbles simultaneously!

 A model car kit –

Model car kits can provide a great way for children to get creative. With the many model car kits available these days, your child can construct their own model car.

 A subscription to coding lessons –

Coding is becoming more and more important in our technology-driven age. Your child can get a head start by subscribing to coding lessons. From introductory courses to more complex projects, coding lessons offer something for every age and interest.

 A virtual reality headset –

Virtual reality is generally considered one of the more expensive gifts for kids with everything. However, if you’re willing to splurge, your child will be cutting-edge with a virtual reality headset.

 An interactive globe –

Interactive globes are a great way to teach kids about geography and culture. With online maps, pop-up quizzes, and other interactive features, your kid will learn while having fun.

 A telescope –

If your child is into science and exploration, they’ll love their very own telescope. Whether they appreciate it alone or with friends, they’ll love watching the night sky and discovering what lies beyond.

 An advanced photography set –

An advanced photography set is a great present for budding photographers out there. With a DSLR camera and accessories such as a tripod, your child will have everything they need to take beautiful shots.


What are good gifts for kids who don’t have much?

Some great gifts for kids who don’t have much are board games, art supplies, a subscription to a magazine, a cookbook, a personal journal, or a learning toy.

What are good gifts for older kids?

Older kids might like to receive electronics or technology, a magazine or coding lessons subscription, or a special experience, such as a go-karting adventure or a hot-air balloon ride.

What are good gifts for toddlers?

Good gifts for toddlers are toys that promote physical and educational development, such as wooden blocks, plastic balls, doctor/kitchen sets, books, puzzles, and outdoor toys.


Regarding gift ideas for kids with everything, knowing where to start can be hard. With this list, you should now have some ideas on what gifts to buy that are both thoughtful and unique. Whether you go for something special, educational, or fun—or a combination of the three—your kid will love any of these gifts. You can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas as long as you choose something that your child will use and enjoy.

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