15 Uncommon Gift ideas for adults who have everything

Shopping for someone who seemingly has it all can be a challenging task. Buying a gift for someone who already has everything can be intimidating, but you can find the perfect gift with a little creative thought. After all, despite having “everything”, a thoughtful and unique gift is still appreciated. To make things easier, here is an extensive list of gift ideas for adults with everything.

Subscription Box:

Whether it’s a subscription box full of free samples or a curated themed box full of items you can’t find in stores, a subscription box can be the perfect gift for anyone. Subscription boxes come in endless varieties, making them a great long-term gift option that can keep on giving.

 Thoughtful “Thank You” Card:

Show your appreciation for the person who has everything with a handwritten thank you card. Even something as simple as a “thank you for being you” can make a big difference.

 Custom Artwork:

Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or handmade jewellery, custom artwork is always a great gift option. You can even take it further and get the artwork personalized with their name or initials.

 Custom Photo Album:

Give the gift of memories by creating a photo album of your past moments together. A custom photo album can be a unique and heartfelt way to commemorate an understanding between friends.

 Coffee Maker:

With so much great coffee available today, why not upgrade the coffee experience with a high-end coffee maker? If you’re looking for a great gift for someone who has it all—this is the perfect option.

 Luxury Spa Gift Card:

Give them the indulgence of a day at the spa with a luxury gift card to their favourite spa. They’ll surely appreciate the relaxation and winding down of visiting the spa.

 Personalized Wooden Sign:

Whether to welcome guests to their homes or add a personalized touch to an outdoor space, a personalized wooden sign is a great gift idea.

 Online Cooking Classes:

For the foodie with everything, why not give them an online cooking class? So many options are available these days, and it can be the perfect opportunity to refresh their cooking skills.

 Customized Hot Sauce:

Is there a special recipe they always make? Give them the gift of making their favourite dish even more flavorful by making them a custom bottle of hot sauce.

 Concert or Theatre Tickets:

While not something they might buy for themselves, tickets to a concert or theatre performance can always be a great way to treat someone special. It’s a great way for them to enjoy live entertainment with friends or family.

 Home Brewery Kit:

For someone who has already conquered commercial drinks tasting, why not try their hand at home-brewing? With a home brewery kit, they can brew their beer from the comfort of their home.

 Plant Subscription Box:

Plants can add a touch of nature to any living space. With a plant subscription box, they’ll receive new plants every month—bringing nature to their doorstep.

 Eco-Friendly Water Bottle:

With so many people wasting plastic water bottles daily, an eco-friendly water bottle is the perfect way to encourage them to be more environmentally conscious.

 Customized Airplane Ride:

Whether a sightseeing trip around their city or a more exotic location, a custom aeroplane ride can be the perfect way to add a little thrill to their life.

 Travel Accommodations:

For the traveller with it all, why not plan a dream getaway for them? Book them a stay at a luxurious hotel or a suite at a great resort. Or, if you want to splurge—why not book them a stay at an all-inclusive resort?


What are some good gift ideas for someone who has everything?

Subscription boxes, custom artwork, a thank you card, a luxury spa gift card, travel accommodations, a custom aeroplane ride, customized hot sauce, a home brewery kit, a coffee maker, eco-friendly water bottles, a custom photo album, and plants subscription boxes are all great gift ideas for someone who has everything.

Are gift cards a good gift for someone who has everything?

Yes, gift cards are a great option for someone who has everything. Whether it’s a gift card to their favourite store or restaurant, or a spa gift card, gift cards can be the perfect way to let them pick out something they enjoy. 

Are subscription boxes a good gift idea?

Yes, subscription boxes can be a great gift idea. Subscription boxes come in various types depending on the recipient’s interests, so one will fit perfectly.


Buying a gift for someone with everything can seem daunting, but so many unique options can be the perfect gift. From spontaneous experiences to custom artwork and subscription boxes, there are endless possibilities for anyone with it all. With the gift ideas above, you can find the perfect way to show appreciation or surprise a loved one.

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