15 Rare Gift ideas for golfers who have everything

Golfing is a beloved leisure-time activity for many. With their passion for the game, gift-giving for the golf lover in your life can become a challenge, especially for the golfer who seems to have it all. To help make your shopping experience successful, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life who already has all the gear and gadgets.

Golf-Themed Clothing:

While it may seem like a simple gift, golf fans appreciate showing their love for the game through their apparel. Affordable and thoughtful golf-themed clothing items that can be easily found online or in golfing-themed stores will surely please anyone.

 Golf Collectibles:

Unique and interesting golf memorabilia and collectables can be the perfect gift for a golf enthusiast who has everything. Autographed golf balls, framed golf course flags, and golf art prints make great gifts for any occasion.

 Portable Golf Practice Gear:

Give the gift of improvement with golf practice gear, including portable golf nets, indoor putting mats, and even portable golf equipment that can be taken to the course for use during practice rounds. This type of gift is essential to help golfers take their game to the next level.

 A Round of Golf:

No matter how much golf gear and equipment a golfer has, nothing is more appreciated than spending a day on the course. Gifts like a round of golf at a local course make thoughtful and memorable gifts.

 Golf-Themed Home Decor:

If the golfer in your life is ready to retire the putting green in their bedroom for a more adult-type gift, look for golf-themed home decor items. You can find something for every kind of golfer, from throw pillows to framed art featuring golf courses to vintage-style golfing antiques.

 Golf Books:

Look no further than a thoughtful golf book for the book-lover who loves golf. Whether it’s a coffee table book filled with photos of famous golf courses or a comprehensive golf instruction manual, any bookworm who loves golfing will love this gift.

 Golf Accessories:

Even the golfer with all the equipment needs to have some extras. Golf-themed accessories like umbrellas, divot tools, or birdie totem sculptures can make great gifts.

 Golf-Themed Games:

Golf is a game, and it can also be a fun, rewarding game to play with friends and family. From ping-pong golf to golf trivia games, you’ll surely find something everyone can enjoy.

 Golf Vacations and Getaways:

A perfect golf vacation can be made even better with thoughtful gifts. From airline tickets to golf packages, a person who loves golf can feel doubly pleased with a gift that involves a getaway and their favourite sport.

 Golf DVDs and CDs:

There’s nothing like reviewing a golf lesson or instructional material at home. Gift the golf enthusiast with a selection of golf-themed DVDs and CDs for their own library.

 Golf Caddy Services:

If golfers don’t have the time and/or energy to book a golf vacation, you can still give the gift of a caddy service. Whether it’s a one-time service or ongoing caddying, golf fans will be delighted with the help they will get while on the course.

 Golf-Themed Watches:

Keep track of time with stylish golf-themed watches. From luxury watches to more affordable options, there are many types of golf watches available to give to the golfer with everything.

 Golf Art:

Golf-themed art prints and paintings can add personality to any room in the house. Look for original art or printed golf course scenes for a unique gift for the art lover and golfer.

 Golf-Themed Jewelry:

For the golfer who likes a bit of bling, golf-themed jewellery can make great gifts. From pendants to earrings to even sporting cufflinks, give the golfer the perfect accessory to show off on the course.

Golf Club Covers:

If the golf lover already has plenty of golf equipment, why not give them something to cover and protect? The golf-themed club covers come in all sizes and make great gifts for someone serious about their gear.


What are some great gifts for golfers who have everything?

Gifts for golfers who have everything may include golf-themed clothing, golf collectables, portable golf practice gear, a round of golf, golf-themed home decor, golf books, golf accessories, golf-themed games, golf vacations and getaways, golf DVDs and CDs, golf caddy services, golf-themed watches, golf art, golf-themed jewellery and golf club covers.

What kind of art can I buy for a golfer?

Art for a golfer may include golf-themed posters, prints or paintings, golf course scenes, and original golf-themed art. There is something for every taste, so whatever art you choose should be one that the golfer will appreciate.

Are there any gift ideas for golfers who have everything but still enjoy playing golf?

Yes, there are plenty of great gift ideas for golfers who have everything but still love the game. Portable golf practice gear, a round of golf at a local course, golf books and DVDs, and even golf caddy services are all great gifts for those who love golf and already have plenty of gear.


Finding the perfect gift for the golfer who already has everything can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With thoughtful gifts such as golf-themed clothing, collectables, and home décor, you can easily show your love and appreciation for the golfer. And with options like golf vacations, golf-themed watches and jewellery, and golf club covers, you can ensure they have everything they need to stay engaged in the game they love. No matter which gift you choose, you’ll be sure to make their day and have the satisfaction of getting them something they can truly use and enjoy.

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