15 Uncommon 8th grade graduation gift ideas for son

As your son is graduating from 8th grade, it’s time to find the perfect gift. Graduating is such a special time in his life, and rewarding him for his hard work and dedication to his studies is important. To make finding a gift easier, here are 15 8th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas for Son for you to consider.


Does your son love music? If so, an album, CD, or tuner with pre-loaded music can be the perfect gift. Who doesn’t love music?


A laptop or tablet is a great way to show your son you’re proud of him. He can use it to do schoolwork and homework and have some fun.


Board, video, and handheld games make for a great graduation gift. Make sure you get him something he can continue using for years to come.


New or gently used books are a great gift for any 8th grader. You can choose a book about a topic your son is interested in or give him a classic that has captivated readers for generations.

 Gift cards:

It’s always nice to get a surprise, so give your son a gift card to a store or a restaurant. He’ll love the surprise and be able to choose something special for himself.

 Sporting equipment:

If your son is a fan of sports, then new sporting equipment will certainly make him happy. Whether it’s a basketball, soccer ball, football, or any other equipment, your son will appreciate the thought.


Kids of all ages love gadgets, so why not get your son the latest tech gadget? He’ll surely love having the latest gadget in his hands.


Give your son new clothes for his 8th-grade graduation. Something nice for the photos and special occasions, like getting dressed for job interviews.

 Art supplies:

If your son is an artist, a complete set of art supplies is a great gift for his graduation. He can create his artwork and express his creativity with the new supplies.


How about a trip? You can bring your son on an unforgettable trip he will never forget. Whether it’s a weekend excursion or a week-long stay, your son will be thankful you gave him this gift.


A wallet is a timeless gift that your son will use daily. With a nice new wallet, your son can stay organized and safely store his money, cards, and IDs.


A camera is the perfect gift if your son is a budding photographer. He can explore his creativity by taking photos and learn photography fundamentals by managing the camera’s settings.


Give your son a stylish, albeit useful watch. With the right watch, your son will stay on track time and never lose his place in the world.


Memberships such as movie theaters, museums, and zoos make for valuable gifts. Your son will enjoy these memberships’ educational and entertainment benefits and discounts.

 Sports memorabilia:

Get your son something to show off his favorite sports team. Whether it’s a jersey, autographed ball, hat, or other merchandise, your son will be proud to display it.


What are some of the best graduation gifts for my son?

Some of the best graduation gifts for your son could include a laptop or tablet, clothing, art supplies, a trip, a camera, a wallet, a watch, or sports memorabilia.

Can I get my son a gift card for graduating?

Absolutely! Gift cards make for a great surprise. You can get a gift card to his favorite store, restaurant, or online retail site.

Is alcohol ever an appropriate graduation gift for an 8th grader?

No, alcohol is not an appropriate gift as it is only legal when consumed by those 18 years and older.


Receiving a graduation gift is a sign of love and appreciation, so make sure you find something your son will remember and cherish for years to come. These 15 8th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas for your son should inspire you and help you find the perfect gift for your son. Good luck!

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