15 Uncommon 8th grade graduation gift ideas for students

Graduation is an exciting time for 8th graders, signifying the official beginning of their journey into high school. It’s a rite of passage that should be celebrated accordingly. For parents, friends, and relatives looking to find the best way to commemorate this joyous time, searching for the perfect 8th-grade graduation gift for their student can be overwhelming. While many traditional graduation gifts, such as jewelry and electronics, can be great for big events like college graduations, 8th-grade graduations may be more special and personal. That’s why it’s important to think of gifts that signify their academic achievements and acknowledge the important life changes their special graduate is about to experience.

Laptop or Tablet –

A laptop or tablet is the perfect gift to help students prepare for their upcoming high school career. It’s essential to stay organized and have access to educational materials during their academic studies.

 School supplies –

A personalized set of new calculators, binders, signs folders, USB drives, and other school supplies make great 8th-grade graduation gifts. It’s practical and useful, ensuring your student is properly equipped for a successful high school journey.

 Stationery –

Give the graduate in your life a set of fun and stylish stationery so they can write notes, make lists and keep in touch with their close friends during their high school experience.

 Books –

An e-reader or personalized selection of books makes wonderful gifts for 8th-grade graduates. Choose books that reflect their interests or help them navigate high school.

 Gift Cards –

A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant is a great way to show your appreciation and give them a way to buy something special just for themselves.

 Movie or Concert Tickets –

Most 8th graders enjoy attending movies or concerts with their friends. Give your graduate a night out on the town with tickets to see their favorite movie or artist.

 Clothing –

Clothing is always a great gift for 8th graders. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or an outfit for the first day of school, it will help them look and feel their best for their high school debut.

 Framed Photo –

A framed photo of your favorite moment with the graduate is a great thoughtful gift to commemorate the special moment of 8th-grade graduation.

 Gift of Experience –

Give the gift of an experience, like tickets to a museum, a round of mini golf, or a show. It’s a great way to build memories they’ll cherish even as they enter high school.

 Monthly Subscription Box –

Subscription boxes are a fun and interesting way to keep 8th graders entertained throughout their high school experience. Choose from subscription boxes like socks, snacks, makeup, and music.

 Journal –

Give your graduate a personalized journal to document the events of their high school journey. It’s an invaluable tool for reflection and growth.

 Art Supplies –

Artistic 8th graders will love a set of art supplies to unleash their creativity. They can use it to create beautiful artwork to hang in their room or enter upcoming art shows.

 Money Box –

Fill this old-fashioned money box with a little bit of money as an extra encouragement to pursue their dreams in the future.

 Charitable Donations –

Consider donating in their name if your 8th grader is passionate about a particular cause or organization. It’s a great opportunity for them to get involved even in high school and give back to their community.

 Personalized Gift –

A personalized gift reflects thoughtfulness and shows how much you care. Get something that your 8th grader wants or something unique just for them.


What kind of 8th-grade graduation gifts should I get my student?

It depends on your student’s individual preferences. Traditional gifts such as jewelry, electronics, or books can be great. However, if you want something more special and personal, you can also consider giving them clothing, stationery, art supplies, a gift of experience, subscription boxes, and personalized gifts.

How much money should I spend on an 8th-grade graduation gift?

That is up to you. You can decide on the budget you feel is appropriate for the gift. Remember that 8th-grade graduations are still a special and important time for students and that the gift should reflect your appreciation and excitement for the graduate’s achievement.

Should I give the graduate cash for their 8th-grade graduation gift?

It is up to you and your preference. However, consider a money box or gift card to make your gift more meaningful and lasting.


As 8th-grade graduations approach, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. With the right 8th-grade graduation gift, you can make your graduate’s milestone a truly special and memorable one. There are many rewarding and practical gifts to choose from, and with some thought and creativity, you can find the perfect present to fit the special graduate in your life. Whether it be something practical, sentimental, or even a charitable donation, the gift can show your graduate how much you value and appreciate them and the incredible achievement they are celebrating.

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