What to Put in Wedding Hotel Gift Bags?

Your wedding guests have traveled near and far to celebrate your big day with you. Show them how much you appreciate their support by putting together welcome bags full of valuable items and local goodies for them to enjoy during their stay. Still, trying to decide what to include? 

We’ve covered you with a list of essential and unique items for the perfect wedding hotel gift bag! Wedding hotel gift bags are a great way to welcome and make guests feel special. Here are some ideas of what to put in yours: 

-A copy of your wedding program or itinerary. This will help your guests know what’s going on and when. 

-A map of the area, especially if you’re getting married in a new city or town. Your guests will appreciate having this so they can find their way around. 

-Snacks! Everyone loves snacks, especially after a long day of travel. Include some local favorites or just some classic staples like chips and cookies. 

-Drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. A mini bottle of champagne or wine is always appreciated, as are water or soda bottles. If you’re providing alcohol, be sure to include mixers too!

Wedding Welcome Bags to Gift Your Guests

What Do People Put in Welcome Bags for Weddings?

When it comes to wedding welcome bags, the sky is the limit regarding what you can include. However, a few key items that most couples choose to include to ensure their guests feel comfortable and taken care of during their stay. Here are some of the most popular items to have in wedding welcome bags: 

-A printed copy of the weekend’s events schedule. 

-An itinerary with local recommendations. Include recommendations for restaurants, bars, attractions, etc. This way, guests know exactly what they should be attending and when. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, this is especially important so that guests can make the most of their time in your chosen location. 

-A map of the area. Again, this is especially important for destination weddings but can also be helpful if your wedding venue is in an unfamiliar area for many guests. 

-Snacks and drinks! Guests will appreciate having something to tide them over until the reception dinner or late-night snacks at the after-party. 

Non-perishable snacks like energy bars or granola are always a good bet, as well as bottled water or other beverages (especially if it’s going to be a hot day).

What Do You Put in Wedding Treat Bags?

When it comes to wedding treat bags, the options are endless. But you want to include a few key items to ensure your guests have a great time. First and foremost, you’ll want to include some sweet treats. 

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try mini cupcakes or macarons. This could be anything from candy to cookies to cake pops. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something your guests will love. 

In addition to sweets, you’ll also want to include some savory snacks. Chips, pretzels, and nuts are all great options. For something a little different, consider including trail mix or popcorn balls. 

And remember the drinks! Wedding treat bags wouldn’t be complete without at least one bottle of water or soda. Finally, remember the little things that will make your guests smile. 

No matter what you choose to include in your wedding treat bags, remember that the most important thing is making sure your guests have a good time. Include items like pens, mints, and chapstick so they can recognize your big day long after it’s over. And if you want to go above and beyond, throw in a few fun extras like playing cards or sunglasses. 

So have fun with it, and let your personality shine through!

Do People Give Gift Bags at Weddings?

When it comes to wedding gifts, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on the couple’s preference and budget. Some couples prefer to give their guests a gift bag with a few items inside, while others choose not to do this. 

If you are considering giving out gift bags at your wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide what items to include in the gift bags. Think about what your guests might appreciate and find useful. 

For example, if most of your guests come from out of town, you may want to include local snacks or goodies in the gift bags. You could also include a list of nearby restaurants or attractions. Other popular items for wedding gift bags include candles, bath products, wine glasses, coasters, etc. 

Once you’ve decided on the contents of the gift bags, it’s time to start thinking about the price. Remember that you don’t have to spend much money on these gifts – your guests will appreciate even something small and thoughtful. That said, if you have a larger budget, there are many great options for more luxurious gifts (such as custom-made candles or personalized champagne flutes). 

Finally, make sure to order enough gift bags for your guests! It’s better to err on caution and have too many rather than not enough. And that’s it – giving out guest welcome bags is a great way to show appreciation for everyone who has come to celebrate your special day!

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Welcome Bags?

Wedding welcome bags are a thoughtful way to greet your guests as they arrive for your big day. But how much should you spend on them? The answer may depend on a few factors, such as the size of your wedding and the number of guests you invite. 

You should splurge more on your welcome bags if you’re having a large wedding with many out-of-town guests. But if you’re having a smaller, more intimate affair, you can get away with spending less. Some couples opt to DIY their welcome bags, filling them with personal touches and items that represent their relationship or reflect the theme of their wedding. 

Others purchase ready-made bags and fill them with snacks, drinks, sunscreen, maps, and other valuable items for their guests. No matter your route, there are ways to save money on your welcome bags without sacrificing quality or thoughtfulness. Here are a few tips: 

Shop for good deals on baggies or boxes – You can often find these online or at party supply stores. Fill the bags with things you already have – If you have extra snacks or mini bottles of champagne left over from another event, put them in the welcome bags!

Average Cost of Wedding Welcome Bags

If you’re planning a destination wedding, welcome bags are a great way to show your guests love and appreciation. But what exactly goes into a welcome bag, and how much does it cost? Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of wedding welcome bags. 

The contents of a welcome bag can vary greatly, but some everyday items are typically included. These might include water bottles, snacks, maps, sunscreen, insect repellent, and local information like restaurant recommendations or things to do in the area. These items depend on where you purchase them and how many you need. 

Welcome bags typically range in price from $3-10 each, depending on the size and style of the bag. However, you can expect to spend an average of $2-5 per bag on these items. In addition to the actual contents of the bag, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of the bag itself and any shipping costs (if applicable). 

While wedding welcome bags may not be required, they’re a nice touch for your guests. You can expect to spend an average of $5-15 per welcome bag when all is said and done. Shipping costs will vary depending on how many bags you send out and where they’re going. 

If you’re planning on including them in your big day, budget accordingly to stay aware of hidden costs!

Diy Welcome Bags for Wedding Guests

Your wedding guests have traveled near and far to be with you on your big day, so why not give them a warm welcome with a little something extra? DIY welcome bags are a thoughtful way to show appreciation and can be tailored specifically to your wedding location. If you’re getting married in a beach town, fill your bags with sunscreen, sunglasses, and sandals. 

Pack gloves, hats, and lip balm for a winter wonderland wedding. Or, if you’re tying the knot in wine country, including a bottle of local vino and some gourmet snacks. No matter what you choose to put in your welcome bags, your guests will appreciate the gesture – and the thoughtfulness will undoubtedly set the tone for an unforgettable weekend.

What to Put in Hotel Welcome Bags?

Welcome bags are a thoughtful way to show your hotel guests that you appreciate their business. But what should you put in them? Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Snacks and drinks. Travel can be exhausting, so make sure your guests have something to tide them over until dinner time. Non-perishable snacks like granola bars, nuts, and bottles of water or juice are ideal. 

2. Local map and attractions guide. Help your guests make the most of their stay by providing a map of the area and a list of nearby attractions, restaurants, and other businesses. 

3. Discount coupons. Include coupons for local attractions, dining, and shopping to help your guests save money while in town. 

4. Toiletries and other essentials. Consider including these items in your welcome bags if your hotel doesn’t provide toiletries like shampoo and soap.

In Summary

If you’re looking for ideas of what to put in wedding hotel gift bags, look no further! This blog post has everything you need to ensure your guests have a memorable stay. From personalized welcome notes to local snacks and treats, these thoughtful gifts will show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on your big day.

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