What to Do With Leftover Birthday Cake?

Few things are more disappointing than realizing you have too much leftover birthday cake. It’s a waste of both money and calories, not to mention the hours spent making or procuring it in the first place. But what can you do? Here are a few ideas for dealing with that extra birthday cake, so it doesn’t go to waste. 

The most obvious solution is to eat it yourself. If you’re feeling indulgent, slice off a piece (or two) and enjoy. Guilt-free birthday cake for breakfast? Yes, please! If you want to be slightly less self-destructive, try freezing the leftovers for future use. Birthday cake ice cream, anyone? Just crumble up the thawed cake and mix it into your favorite ice cream flavor. Cake pops are another popular way to use the extra cake – they’re easy to make, and kids love them! Crumble up the cake, mix in some frosting, roll it into balls, and dip it in melted chocolate. Let them cool on a wax paper-lined baking sheet, and voila – instant party snack!

Leftover birthday cake is one of those things that should be a problem but isn’t. There are so many delicious ways to use those extra slices; we’ve got a few of our favorites for you right here. One great way to use leftover birthday cake is to make cake pops. All you need is some cake, frosting, and candy coating, and you can have fun little treats that everyone will love. If you want something more substantial, try using your leftover cake to make a trifle. This classic dessert is always a hit, and it’s easy to customize with your favorite flavors. If you’re feeling creative, why not use your leftover birthday cake to make a new dessert? Cake batter pancakes are always a hit with kids (and adults!), or you could try making cake balls. The possibilities are endless – so get creative and enjoy your leftovers!

What to Do With Leftover Cake?

When it comes to leftover cake, there are so many delicious options! Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy it: 

1. Cake balls or truffles – Crumble up your leftover cake and mix with some frosting or icing. Then, roll it into balls and enjoy it as is, or dip it in chocolate for an extra special treat. 

2. Cake pops – Similar to cake balls, but instead of rolling the mixture into balls, shape it onto popsicle sticks for individual treats. Again, you can dip these in chocolate if you like. 

3. Mini cakes – If you have a larger cake left over, why not turn it into mini cakes? Just slice it into small portions and serve it with your favorite toppings. You could even get creative and decorate them however you like! 

4. Milkshakes – Crumble up your leftover cake and add it to a blender with milk and ice cream for a delicious milkshake that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

5. Ice cream sandwiches – Another great way to use leftover cake is by turning it into ice cream sandwiches! Sandwich your favorite flavor of ice cream between two slices of cake, then wrap in plastic wrap or parchment paper and freeze until firm.

What Can Be Made From Leftover Cake?

Like most people, you probably don’t enjoy eating leftover cake. However, quite a few things can be made from it! Here are just a few ideas: 

1. Cake balls – all you need is some leftover cake, icing, and some melted chocolate or candy coating. Crumble the cake into small pieces, mix in the icing, and form into balls. Dip in the melted chocolate or candy coating and let it harden. You can decorate these however you like – add sprinkles, crushed nuts, etc. 

2. Trifles – take your leftover cake and cut it into cubes.Layer the cubes in a trifle dish with some fresh fruit (berries work well) and custard or whipped cream. For extra flavor and texture, top with more fruit and/or chopped nuts. 

3 . Ice cream sandwiches – this one is simple but oh-so-good! Place two slices of leftover cake on either side of a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavors (vanilla works well here). Gently press together and enjoy!

How Long Does Leftover Birthday Cake Last?

Assuming you’re talking about an unopened cake, most cakes will last 3-5 days in the fridge. If you’ve already cut into the cake, it’s best to eat it within two days. The leftover birthday cake is still yummy up to a week later, but it starts to dry out after a few days.

Should Leftover Birthday Cake Be Refrigerated?

It’s generally accepted that leftover birthday cake should be refrigerated, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if the cake is covered in fondant or another type of decoration that will melt at room temperature, it must go in the fridge. Second, if your kitchen is particularly warm or humid, it’s also a good idea to store the cake in the fridge to prevent it from going bad. Finally, if you plan on eating the cake more than a day or two after the party, you’ll need to refrigerate it to extend its shelf life.

Reinvent Dessert with These 4 Leftover Cake Ideas

In The End

The writer of this blog post provides readers with a few ideas of what to do with the leftover birthday cake. One suggestion is to make cake pops – take chunks of the cake, add frosting or chocolate, and put them on sticks. Another idea is to create a trifle by layering slices of cake with custard, fruit, and whipped cream. Finally, the author suggests using leftover cake as an ice cream topping. No matter what you do with it, leftover birthday cake is sure to be delicious!

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