What to Do at a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a fantastic event to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life into the world. Here are some things to remember to ensure your baby shower is successful! 

First, consult with the mom-to-be on what kind of atmosphere she’d like for her shower. She might want it to be more low-key and intimate or a big party with all her friends and family. Once you know what kind of vibe she’s going for, you can start planning the guest list and invitations. Next, decide on a menu that will please everyone at the shower. If there are any dietary restrictions, be sure to accommodate those. And finally, remember the games! Baby showers wouldn’t be complete without some lighthearted fun. Whether you go for classic games like “guess the belly size” or something more unique, make sure there are plenty of laughs to be had by all.

What to Do at a Baby Shower Besides Games

A baby shower is a great time to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and get some quality time with friends and family. But what should you do at a baby shower besides play games? Here are some ideas: 

1. Have a conversation station where guests can ask the parents-to-be questions about their pregnancy, birth plan, or parenting philosophies. This is a great way to start meaningful conversations and learn more about your loved ones. 

2. Set up a craft station where guests can make something for the nursery or the baby. This could be anything from painting a picture to making a mobile using recycled materials. It’s fun to get everyone involved in creating something special for the new arrival. 

3. Organize some activities that focus on pampering the mom-to-be. This could include getting manicures or massages, playing spa music, and eating healthy snacks. It’s important to take care of yourself during pregnancy so that all moms-to-be would appreciate this! 

4. Put a photo booth with props and backdrops so guests can snap fun pictures with the guest of honour. This is always a hit at parties! Be sure to have someone designated to take photos throughout the shower so you can capture all the memories. 

5. Have each guest write down their best advice for parenting and put it into a jar for the parents-to-be to read later. It’s nice to have wisdom from those who have gone before you when embarking on this new chapter in life!

What Do You Normally Do at a Baby Shower?

You will normally find games, food, and gifts at a baby shower. Games are a great way to break the ice and get everyone involved. You can find games online or in stores. Food is usually served buffet style so that guests can mingle and mix. Gifts are given to the expectant parents to help them with their new arrival.

How Can I Make My Baby Shower More Fun?

Regarding baby showers, there are a few key things you can do to ensure your guests have a good time. First and foremost, ensure the guest of honour is comfortable and enjoying themselves. If they’re not, the shower won’t be any fun for anyone. 

Secondly, have plenty of activities planned, so people aren’t just sitting around talking. Games are always a great way to break the ice and get people interacting with each other. And if you want to get creative, many unique baby shower games out there will keep your guests entertained. 

Finally, remember the food! Make sure you have enough snacks and drinks for everyone and try to include something for everyone – even those with dietary restrictions. Following these tips, you’re sure to throw a baby shower that everyone will remember fondly.

What Should You Not Do at a Baby Shower?

When it comes to baby showers, there are a few things you should avoid doing if you don’t want to cause any upset or offence. Here are four things not to do at a baby shower: 

1. Don’t give unsolicited advice. The expectant parents may have already been given a lot of advice from well-meaning family and friends. Unless they specifically ask for your opinion, it’s best to avoid offering unsolicited advice in the shower. If you must offer your two cents, make sure you do so in a diplomatic way! 

2. Don’t bring up sensitive topics. Some topics, such as childbirth or parenting styles, can be sensitive and personal. It’s best to steer clear of these conversations at a baby shower since they can cause disagreements or hurt feelings. Let the parents discuss these things amongst themselves (or their healthcare providers) privately. 

3. Avoid negative comments about the expectant parents’ choices. If the expectant parents have made decisions you don’t agree with (such as whether or not to circumcise their son), resist the urge to share your opinion at the shower. It’s their decision, and they’ll likely be very firm about it, so there’s no need to start an argument or debate at the party. Just respect their choices and move on! 

4. Don’t bring gifts that could offend anyone Gifts that are too personal (such as lingerie) or those with suggestive messages should be avoided altogether.

What Should a Baby Shower Include?

A baby shower should include a variety of games and activities that are suitable for the occasion. Games can include everything from guessing the size of the mom-to-be’s belly to how many diapers the new baby will go through in a day. Plenty of food and drink should also be available, as well as gifts for the new arrival.


If you’re attending a baby shower, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure the event is enjoyable for everyone. First, be respectful of the parents-to-be’s wishes – if they’ve asked for no gifts, don’t bring one. Second, avoid negative comments about pregnancy or labour – this is a time to celebrate new life! Finally, have fun! Play games, eat good food, and enjoy the company of those gathered to celebrate the upcoming arrival.

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