How to Make Outdoor Christmas Gift Boxes

Making your own outdoor Christmas gift boxes is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly way to spruce up your front porch or yard! All you need are some basic materials and a little bit of creativity. 

Here’s how to get started: First, gather your supplies. You’ll need cardboard boxes (or recycled gift boxes), wrapping paper, scissors, glue, and a stapler. 

Next, cut your wrapping paper to fit the box. Add ribbons, bows, and other embellishments if you want to get festive. Wrap each box individually, using glue or tape to secure the paper. 

Now comes the fun part: decorating! Use ribbons, bows, and whatever else you like to make each box look unique. Get creative and have fun with it! 

Finally, stack the boxes outside your home in a visible spot. Tie them together with a string or ribbon if desired. Now all that’s left is for Santa (or your friends and family) to fill them with goodies on Christmas Eve!

  • Cut out two rectangles from thick cardstock or cardboard, making sure they are slightly larger than the desired finished size of the box
  • Score a line around all four sides of each rectangle, about 1/2 inch from the edge
  • This will be the folding line
  • Fold along the scored lines and adhere the long sides together with adhesive tape or glue
  • Allow drying completely
  • Decorate the box as desired with paint, ribbon, glitter, etc
  • Fill with goodies and enjoy!

How to Make a Light-Up Christmas Box?

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about Christmas decorations. One of the most popular items to decorate is the light-up Christmas box

These boxes are easy and fun to make and add a touch of holiday cheer to any home. Here’s how you can make your light-up Christmas box: 

1. Gather your materials. You will need a cardboard box, clear plastic sheeting, LED lights, batteries, and duct tape. 

2. Cut a hole in the top of the box for the lights to go through. Cover the hole with clear plastic sheeting. This will help protect the lights from moisture and dirt. 

3. Tape the LED lights to the inside of the box, pointing towards the center of the box. Make sure that all of the lights are facing inwards to reflect off each other and create a nice glow. 

4. Close up the box and turn on your lights! Enjoy your homemade decoration!

How Do You Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations?

When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations, the sky is the limit. You can go all out with an array of lights, inflatables, and garlands, or keep it simple with a wreath on your door. No matter your style, there are many ways to make your home merry and bright for the holiday season. 

One of the most popular ways to decorate for Christmas is by stringing up lights. You can wrap them around trees, line your roof, or drape them across bushes and shrubs. If you want to make a statement, you can buy lighted lawn decorations like reindeer or Santa Claus. 

Inflatables are another popular option for outdoor Christmas decorations. They come in all shapes and sizes, from classic characters like Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman to more unique designs like giant snowflakes and Nutcrackers. Follow local guidelines about how and where you can put up lights so you don’t get fined or have to take them down. 

You can usually find inflatables at big box stores or online retailers. Just read the reviews before purchasing so you know what you’re getting yourself into – some are easier to set up than others! Garlands are a great way to add some festive flair without going overboard. 

You can drape them over railings, banisters, doors, windows – anywhere that could use a little holiday cheer. And if you want something exceptional, try making your garland out of fresh greenery or dried flowers. It’s a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside this time of year.

How Do You Make a Light Up Present?

If you want to make a light-up present, you will need a few things. First, you will need a cardboard box. Cut two holes in the top of the box for the lights to go through. 

Next, you will need some clear plastic sheeting. Cut this to fit over the top of the box and tape it in place. Finally, you will need some batteries and some small Christmas lights. 

Tape the batteries together so they are in series, and tape the lights to the batteries. Place everything inside the box and close it up. Your light-up present is now ready!

How Do You Make Christmas Balls for Outdoor Trees?

Making Christmas balls for outdoor trees is a fun and easy way to add holiday cheer to your yard. All you need is some string, a few balloons, and some paint or glitter. First, blow up the balloons and tie them off. 

Next, cut the string into lengths that fit the balloon’s circumference. Tie one end of each string to the balloon, and then start wrapping the string around in a spiral pattern. Once you’ve wrapped the entire balloon, tie off the other end of the string and knot it tightly. 

Now your balloon should look like a little ball. To decorate your ball, you can paint it with acrylic paints or cover it with glitter glue. If you want to hang your balls from tree branches, poke a hole in the top of the balloon before you start decorating it. 

Once your balls are dry, thread a piece of fishing line through the hole and tie it off. You can now hang your homemade Christmas decorations on any tree in your yard!

How Do You Make a Christmas Topiary?

A topiary is a decorated plant, usually in the shape of an animal or human figure. Making a Christmas topiary is a fun way to add holiday cheer to your home décor. Here are some tips on how to make a Christmas topiary: 

1. Choose a plant that can be easily shaped into the desired form. Some good options include boxwood, holly, and yew. 

2. Cut the plant into the desired shape using pruning shears. 

If you want a more detailed design, use wire to help shape the plant into place. 

3. Once the basic shape is complete, start decorating! Use festive ribbon, garland, ornaments, and even lights to give your topiary some holiday flair. 

4. Place your finished topiary in a spot where it can be enjoyed by all who see it!

All Weather Christmas Outdoor Gift Box

At The End

Looking for a unique, inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor Christmas decor this year? Why not make your outdoor gift boxes? All you need is some sturdy cardboard, wrapping paper, tape, and a few other supplies. 

To start, cut out two pieces of cardboard in the shape of a box. You can make them any size you want; be sure to leave enough room on the top piece for a lid. Next, wrap the bottom piece of cardboard in wrapping paper. 

Be sure to use plenty of tapes to secure it. Now it’s time to decorate! Get creative and have fun with it. 

You can use ribbon, glitter, paint, or anything else you can think of. Once you’re done decorating, place the top piece of cardboard on top and secure it with more tape. Finally, add a handle to each side so you can easily carry your gift boxes around. 

Now they’re ready to be filled with goodies and placed outdoors for all to see!

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