How to Tie a Gift Bag

When it comes to gift wrapping, there are typically two camps. Some individuals effortlessly cut through wrapping paper and have mastered the art of neatly tucking edges and adorning packages with beautiful bows and spiralized ribbons. I will explain how to tie a gift bag easily in this article.

Simple Method for Tying Gift Bag

  • Choose the size and shape of the gift bag you would like to use
  • Cut a piece of ribbon or string that is twice the length of the bag plus an extra 12 inches
  • Fold the ribbon in half and thread it through the hole at the top of the bag, making sure that the loop is on the inside of the bag
  • Pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten it to form a knot
  • Trim any excess ribbon and decorate as desired.

Closing a gift bag

How Do You Fasten a Gift Bag Handle?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to close up a gift bag, then all you need is some clear tape! Just apply a strip of tape across the bag’s opening, and line up the edges, so they’re flush. Then fold over the top of the bag, bringing the handles down with it and pressing firmly along the length of the tape to seal it shut. 

That’s it – your gift bag is now securely fastened and ready to go!

How Do You Close a Birthday Bag Without Tape?

One way to close a birthday bag without tape is to use ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around the top of the bag. Once the ribbon is tied, you can make a bow or knot to keep it in place. 

Another option is to use paper clips. Clip two paper clips onto opposite sides of the top of the bag, and then twist them together to secure the opening.

How Do You Wrap a Cellophane Gift Bag?

Cellophane gift bags are a great option if you want to add a touch of class to your wrapped gifts. But if you’ve never used them, you might wonder how to properly wrap a cellophane gift bag. Here’s a quick guide: 

1. Start by placing your gift inside the cellophane bag. If the bag is too large for your gift, you can use scissors to trim it down to size. 

2. Once your gift is in the bag, take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the top of the bag, securing it in place. 

3. Next, take another piece of ribbon and create a bow. This can be done by tying the ribbon into a loop and then making another loop through that first loop. Pull tight and fluff out the loops to create a full bow. 

4. Finally, attach the bow to the top of the wrapped cellophane bag using glue or double-sided tape. And that’s it!

How to Tie a Gift Bag Without Tape?

Tying a gift bag without tape is quite easy! All you need is a piece of ribbon and a pair of scissors. First, cut the ribbon to the desired length. 

Next, fold the top of the bag down about an inch or so and thread the ribbon through the opening. Finally, tie a knot in the ribbon to secure it in place. That’s it – your gift bag is now ready to be filled with goodies!

How to Tie a Gift Bag With a Ribbon?

Most people need to learn how to tie a gift bag with ribbon, and it’s quite simple! Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll be able to do it in no time. 

1. Start by placing the gift bag upside down on a flat surface. 

2. Take a length of ribbon and place it across the top of the bag, making sure that the ends are even. 

3. Fold the ribbon in half, then take the two end pieces and cross them over each other in the middle. 

4. Take the top piece and make a small loop, then pull the bottom piece through that loop. 

5. Pull both pieces of ribbon tight, then knot them together at the top. Trim any excess ribbon off if necessary. And there you have it! 

A beautifully wrapped gift bag that’s perfect for any occasion!

How to Close a Paper Gift Bag?

Paper gift bags are a great way to package gifts for friends and family. They are easy to make and can be customized to fit any occasion. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to close a paper gift bag. 

1) Start by folding the top of the bag down about an inch or so. This will create a flap that can be used to seal the bag shut. 

2) Next, take a piece of tape and secure the flap. You can use clear tape or decorative tape to add a bit of flair. 

3) Once the flap is secured, fold the sides of the bag inwards so that they meet in the middle. This will create two creases that help the bag hold its shape when closed. 

4) To finish, tuck the bottom of the bag into the folds at the top and secure it with another piece of tape. Your paper gift bag is now ready to be filled with goodies!


Tying a gift bag is a simple way to add a personal touch to your present. All you need is some ribbon and a little bit of time. Follow these steps, and you’ll be tying perfect bows. 

First, cut a piece of ribbon that is about twice the width of the bag opening. Fold the ribbon in half and loop it around the top of the bag, ensuring that the folded end is sticking up. Then, take the two ends of the ribbon and cross them in the middle, making an “X” shape. 

Next, take the top end of the ribbon on the left side and make a small loop (this will be your first bow). Take the top end of the right side ribbon and put it over the looped left side ribbon. Then, pull both ends tight so they are even with each other. 

To finish your bow, take both loops in each hand and cross them in the middle again, just like you did before. Pull both loops tight, and voila! You’ve made your second loop – this one should be bigger than your first. 

You’ve just learned how to tie a beautiful bow for your next gift bag!

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