How to Put Happy Birthday Candles on a Cake

You’ll need a lighter and some birthday candles to put candles on a cake. If the cake is for someone special, you may want to get colored or sparkler candles. Hold the cake in one hand and light the candles with the other. Be sure to make a wish before you blow them out!

  • Gather the materials you will need: cake, candles, lighter
  •  Place the candles on the cake
  •  Light the candles with the lighter
  •  Make a wish!


How Do You Put Happy Birthday Candles on a Cake?

When it’s time to celebrate a birthday, one of the first things you need to do is put candles on the cake. But how do you go about doing that? The first step is determining how many candles the birthday person will need. The number of candles generally corresponds to the individual’s age, so if they turn 3, you will need three candles. Once you have the right number of candles, it’s time to start putting them on the cake. 

If the cake already has frosting on it, insert the candles into the frosting. If there is no frosting, or if you want to be extra careful, you can use a small amount of icing or even melted chocolate to help secure the candle. Once the candles are in place, light them and make a wish!

How Do You Keep Candles from Dripping on Cakes?

A few methods can be used to keep candles from dripping wax on cakes. One is to use a candle shield, which is a metal or glass disk that sits between the cake and the candle. Another is to use a drip-catch tray under the cake to catch any drips. Finally, you can also use special drip-resistant candles, which have been treated with a coating that helps prevent dripping.

How Many Candles are You Supposed to Put on a Birthday Cake?

According to tradition, you are supposed to put one candle on a birthday cake for each year of the person’s life. So, if someone turns 30, they will have 30 candles on their cake.

Why Do We Put Candles on Birthday Cakes?

The tradition of putting candles on birthday cakes is thought to have started in Germany in the 18th century. The custom spread to other European countries and eventually made its way to America. Today, birthday cake with candles is a widely recognized symbol of celebration worldwide. 

Putting candles on birthday cakes is a way to make the occasion feel special and festive. It also allows the birthday person to make a wish for the coming year. The number of candles on the cake often corresponds to the age of the person being celebrated. So why do we put candles on birthday cakes? For many, it’s a fun and time-honored tradition that helps make birthdays even more special.


In this blog post, the author gives a step-by-step guide on how to put candles on a birthday cake. The author states that one should always use new candles and never reuse old ones. The author then goes on to say that the number of candles used should be determined by the age of the person whose birthday it is. Once the appropriate number of candles has been selected, the author says they should be placed in the center of the cake. Finally, the author offers some tips on ensuring the candles stay lit during the song “Happy Birthday.”

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