How to Extend Gift Tax Return


Gift tax returns are filed by the person who made the gift, not the recipient. If you need to file a gift tax return, knowing the deadlines and how to properly extend your gift tax return is important. The deadline to file a gift tax return is April 15th. However, you can request an extension … Read more

What is the Rate of Gift Tax in India?


In India, the gift tax is a tax that is levied on certain gifts that individuals give. The rate of gift tax in India is 20%. This means that if you give a gift worth Rs.1 lakh, the recipient must pay Rs.20,000 as gift tax. The gift tax rate was increased from 15% to 20% … Read more

How to Avoid Import Tax on Gifts


When giving gifts, the last thing you want is to get hit with a big import tax. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid this. First, check the value of the gift. If it is under $60, you will not have to pay any taxes. Second, check to see if the country of origin has … Read more

How Much is Gift Tax in California?


Regarding gift taxes, California is one of the more generous states. The state allows you to give up to $15,000 per year to any number of people without paying a gift tax. However, giving more than $15,000 a year will be subject to a gift tax. The amount of the tax depends on how much … Read more

How Do I Avoid Paying Tax on a Gifted Car?


If you’re thinking about gifting a car, there are a few things you need to know to avoid paying taxes on the transfer. First, the vehicle’s fair market value must be less than $15,000 for the gift to be tax-exempt. Secondly, you can only give the car to an individual – not a business or … Read more

Does Gifting Reduce Taxable Income?


The answer to the question of whether gifting reduces taxable income is, unfortunately, a complex one. The tax code is very complex, and many different factors can come into play when determining whether or not a gift will be considered taxable income. However, some general guidelines can help you understand how gifting works with taxes. … Read more

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Tiktok Gifts


In the United States, the answer is generally yes; you have to pay taxes on gifts received through TikTok. The IRS treats these gifts as taxable income and will be subject to state and federal taxes. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, if you receive a gift through … Read more

Do Influencers Pay Taxes on Gifts?


Influencers have been known to get freebies from brands in exchange for promoting their products on social media. But do they have to pay taxes on these gifts? The answer is: it depends. If the influencer is considered an employee of the brand, they would have to pay taxes on the value of the gift. … Read more

What is a Good Gift for Confirmation Sponsor?

gifts for Confirmation Sponsor

Confirmation is an important sacrament in the Catholic Church. It is when a person affirms their faith and becomes a full church member. A sponsor plays an important role in this process, as they are there to support and guide the confirmand through this journey. So what makes a good gift for a Confirmation sponsor? … Read more

What is a Good Gift for a Nurse Practitioner

Gift for a Nurse

A good gift for a nurse practitioner can be difficult to find. They are often busy with work and don’t have much time to shop for themselves. However, there are some great gifts that any nurse practitioner would love to receive.  One idea is to get them a piece of jewelry with the symbol of … Read more