Does Walmart Have Ulta Gift Cards?

Walmart offers a variety of gift cards for many different occasions. However, they do not sell Ulta gift cards. Ulta is a beauty retailer specializing in cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and fragrance. If you’re looking for a gift card for someone who loves makeup and beauty products, an Ulta gift card would be the perfect option. Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Ulta gift cards, so you’ll need to find another source if you’re looking to purchase one.

Where to Buy Ulta Gift Cards?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the beauty lover, look no further than Ulta Gift Cards! Ulta is one of the largest beauty retailers in the United States, carrying various products from high-end to drugstore brands. You can purchase Ulta Gift Cards online or in-store, which can be used for any purchase at Ulta locations nationwide. 

Ulta Gift Cards make shopping for beauty products easy and convenient, and the recipients always appreciate them. If you know someone who loves makeup, skincare, hair care, or fragrance, an Ulta Gift Card is a great way to show your thoughtfulness.

Does Walmart Sell Other Companies Gift Cards?

Yes, Walmart does sell other companies’ gift cards. You can find a variety of gift cards from different companies at most Walmart stores. However, not all stores carry the same selection of gift cards, so it’s best to call ahead to see if the particular card you’re looking for is available.


The short answer is yes, Walmart does sell Ulta gift cards. However, they are only sometimes available, and the selection can be limited. If you’re looking for a specific gift card, it’s best to check with your local Walmart store or visit the Ulta website directly.

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