Does Cvs Sell Ulta Gift Cards?

CVS is a popular pharmacy chain in the United States. Many people wonder if CVS sells Ulta gift cards. The answer is yes, CVS does sell Ulta gift cards. You can find them in the card aisle at your local CVS store.

CVS is a popular retailer that offers various products and services. Ulta is a beauty retailer that offers various cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products. Both retailers offer gift cards that can be used at their respective stores. 

However, CVS does not sell Ulta gift cards, and Ulta does not sell CVS gift cards. If you want to purchase an Ulta gift card, you must do so from another source, such as the Ulta website or a third-party retailer, such as Amazon.

Where Do They Sell Ulta Gift Cards?

Do you love makeup and beauty products? Ulta is the place for you! They sell all kinds of beauty products from popular brands and have a line of products. If you’re looking for a gift for a makeup lover, an Ulta gift card is the perfect option! Ulta gift cards can be purchased online or in-store. If you purchase online, you must choose an eGift or a physical gift card. 

The eGift option lets you send the gift card electronically to the recipient’s email address. The physical gift card will be mailed to your provided shipping address. Ulta gift cards can be used online or in-store. When using the card online, enter the 16-digit code at checkout. If using in-store, present the card to the cashier at the time of purchase. The card’s value will be applied to your total purchase amountIf you have any questions about Ulta gift cards, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.

Do Cvs Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, CVS does sell gift cards. You can purchase them at any CVS location or the CVS website. Gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, or $100.


Cvs does not sell Ulta gift cards, but you can purchase them online or in stores. Ulta is a popular beauty retailer that offers a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products. If you’re looking for a special gift for someone who loves makeup and beauty products, an Ulta gift card is a great option.

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