Can You Gift a Handgun in NC?

It is legal to gift a handgun in North Carolina as long as the recipient is of legal age and not prohibited from owning a firearm. There are no background checks or waiting period requirements when gifting a handgun. However, a voluntary background check through NCIS is recommended before gifting a handgun. This will ensure that the recipient has no felony convictions or other prohibiting factors. Here are some details:

  • Contact a gun dealer in North Carolina and inquire about purchasing a handgun as a gift
  •  Provide the gun dealer with the recipient’s name, address, and date of birth
  •  Pay for the handgun and complete any required paperwork
  •  Have the recipient pick up the handgun from the gun dealer and complete any necessary paperwork!

How Do I Gift a Handgun in NC?

Gifting a handgun to another person is a simple process if you’re a law-abiding citizen of North Carolina. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

1. Make sure the recipient is eligible to receive a handgun. In North Carolina, they must be 21 years of age or older and not prohibited from owning firearms under state or federal law. 

2. Take the handgun to a licensed gun dealer and fill out a transfer form. You’ll need to provide information about both yourself and the recipient and the gun’s make, model and serial number. 

3. The dealer will then conduct a background check on the recipient. Once that’s cleared, they can take possession of the gun. 

4. That’s it! You’ve successfully gifted a handgun in North Carolina. Keep records of the transfer if there are any questions later.


Yes, you can gift a handgun in NC if the recipient is of legal age and has no felonies. The process is relatively simple and requires you to fill out a form with the person’s information and then have them sign it.

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