15 Unique Gift ideas for mom who hates everything

Shopping for a mom who seems to hate everything can be difficult. It can feel like a minefield of potential wrong moves, but never fear; we’ve created this guide filled to the brim with unique gift ideas for the mom who hates everything– guaranteed to make her heart melt regardless of her opinion on everything.

A beautiful handmade card:

A handmade card is a timeless and sincere way to show your mom appreciation. Whether you emboss it with a heartfelt message or decorate it with special craft items, making your mom a handmade card will be something she cherishes.

 Tickets to a sport or game:

Although it might feel like a simple gesture, a pair of tickets to a sporting event or game that she wouldn’t normally have access to can be a truly special gift, plus, it’ll create a shared experience, making the gift even more meaningful.

 A box of her favorite snacks:

Food is always a great gift, and there’s nothing sweeter than trying to find out your mom’s favorite snacks and then giving her a filled box. Whether it’s a box of her favorite chocolates or a selection of her go-to savory snacks, she’ll surely appreciate the thought.

 An indulgent spa treatment:

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Book her an indulgent package that consists of a massage, relaxation time, and maybe even a cozy robe to take home.

 An aromatherapy diffuser:

Aromatherapy diffusers make any environment more calming and inviting, plus they come with a range of scents that are sure to please any mom.

 A complete skincare set:

Skincare is essential to any beauty regime, so why not spoil your mom with a complete set? You can tailor the gifts to her needs, whether a full-body moisturizing set or a night-time anti-aging cream.

 A scented candle set:

Candles can instantly turn a room into a relaxing refuge, so why not spoil her with her box of scented candles? You could even opt for an unscented selection if she’s not a fan of fragrances.

 A coffee set:

A coffee set could be the ideal gift if your mom is a coffee connoisseur. From coffee makers to mugs, you can create the ultimate home-brewed coffee experience for her.

 A magazine subscription:

Every month, she’ll receive a parcel full of a favorite magazine, full of stories and topics she loves. Plus, she’ll receive it in the post— bonus points for the feel-good factor!

 A bedside clock:

Nothing adds character to a bedroom like a unique bedside clock. It’ll come in handy for reminding her of when to wake up in the mornings and add a special touch of design to her room.

 A personalized photo album:

If you have many photos of special moments together, you can create a personalized photo album that’ll bring her a lifetime of joy.

 A flower subscription:

You can sign her up for a flower subscription service and have freshly picked, seasonal blooms delivered straight to her.

 A cozy throw:

A cozy throw will be much appreciated whether it’s for keeping warm or creating a comfy look. You can pick something luxurious like cashmere or soft faux fur.

 A personalized phone case:

If you have photos of the two of you, you can make a personalized phone case with them. It’s a great way to make her phone feel even cozier and get her to show off her special memories.

 A fancy tea set:

Fancy teas can be a real hit with moms who like a tipple; why not try one as a gift? You’ll find something to suit every budget and taste out there.


What can I buy my mom, who hates everything?

There are still plenty of options when buying a gift for the mom who hates everything. Try buying her something practical that she can use and appreciate, like a coffee set, an aromatic diffuser, or a fancy tea set.

What’s a good gift for mom who always complains?

A great gift for the mom who always complains is a box of her favorite snacks. Or, try tickets for an experience such as a sport or game.

What’s a good gift for the mom who has everything?

If your mom has everything, finding something new and meaningful is difficult. Try a personalized photo album or phone case with photos of the two of you. You could also opt for an indulgent spa package, a subscription to her favorite magazine, or a cozy throw.

In The End

Shopping for a mom who seems to hate everything might feel like a mountain to overcome, but with some thought and research, you’ll surely pick up a unique and thoughtful gift that she’ll adore. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or another, shopping for a mom who hates everything doesn’t have to be daunting. Many options are available, from handmade cards to fancy tea sets— you’ll surely find something special that she’ll love.

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