15 Uncommon Gift ideas for twin boys who have everything

Are you looking for the perfect gift for twin boys who have everything? It can be daunting to find something they don’t already own or wouldn’t be bored of within minutes. But don’t worry; plenty of great gifts out there will make the perfect present for these hard-to-buy-for boys. From fun gadgets to educational toys, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas for twin boys.

Remote Control Car:

Give the boys a thrilling gift with a remote-control car. They will enjoy hours of fun racing each other around the house.

 Video Game Console:

Get them a new video game console to enjoy a wide range of gaming experiences together.


Get them a telescope so they can explore the night sky together.

 Craft Kit:

Give them a craft kit to get creative and make their art projects.

 Soccer Goal:

Help them perfect their soccer skills with a portable soccer goal.

 Robot Kit:

Get them a robotic kit so they can build and program their robot.

 Science Kit:

Get them a science kit to help them explore the wonders of science together.

 LEGO Set:

Get them the latest LEGO set for hours of creative fun.


Give them a skateboard so they can practice their tricks together.


Get them a digital camera to take pictures and videos of their adventures together.

 Musical Instrument:

Get them a musical instrument so they can learn to play together.


Get them a drone and let them explore the world from a new perspective.

 Subscription Box:

Get them a subscription box with fun activities and items to keep them entertained monthly.

 Robotics Kit:

Get them a robotics kit so they can build and program their robots.


Get them a telescope so they can explore the night sky together.


What are some good gifts for twin boys?

Some good gifts for twin boys are remote-control cars, video game consoles, craft kits, soccer goals, robotic kits, LEGO sets, skateboards, cameras, musical instruments, drones, subscription boxes, robotics kits, and telescopes.

What type of gifts should I avoid getting twin boys?

You should avoid getting twin boys gifts that are age-inappropriate and/or dangerous, such as alcohol or weapons. You should also avoid getting them the same item, as they may not appreciate it equally.

Are there any educational gifts for twin boys?

Yes, there are plenty of educational gifts for twin boys. Some great options include science kits, robotic kits, subscription boxes, and telescopes.


Finding gifts for twin boys can be challenging, but plenty of great options exist. From fun gadgets to educational toys, there are plenty of great gift ideas for twin boys. With this list of gift ideas, you can find the perfect present for the twin boys in your life who have everything.

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