15 Top Wedding gift ideas for those who have everything

Finding the perfect wedding gift for someone with everything can be daunting. After all, they may already possess the things they want and need. What else is there to give? In this article, we’ll discuss 15 unique, thoughtful gift ideas perfect for someone who already has everything. From practical items to special keepsakes and fun experiences, we have something for everybody.

A creative photo album:

Surprise the happy couple with something that pays homage to the day they got hitched. Fill a custom photo album with photos from the wedding day, including funny shots from the reception and sweet moments from the ceremony. The bride and groom will love to look back at it fondly and reminisce.

 Engraved chopping boards:

Custom engraved chopping boards make for a timeless, practical kitchen item. Place the wedding date, a fun message, or a funny quote that reflects the couple’s personality. They can be used as serving trays or to make delicious meals together.

 A content subscription:

Gift the couple a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu or a streaming music service such as Spotify or Apple Music. This will provide them with hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

 Gift cards for a night out:

Treat the couple to dinner and drinks with a gift card to their favourite restaurant, bar, or theatre. They can use it for a romantic date night or a fun night with friends.

 A houseplant:

A living houseplant is sure to brighten up any room. Choose a low-maintenance one, like a succulent or air plant, so the couple can easily tend to their plant.

 A personalized blanket:

Put a special spin on a classic gift of a comfy blanket. Personalize a fleece blanket with a picture, a monogram, or a unique quote for the couple. They’ll love snuggling up on the couch with their gift.

 An indoor herb garden kit:

Have the couple indulge in gardening therapy with an indoor herb garden kit. Most kits come with everything needed to get their garden started, and the couple will be able to have fresh herbs in no time.

 An oil diffuser:

An oil diffuser creates a calming atmosphere and is a great addition to any home. A diffuser with an LED that changes colour can also add a fun pop of colour.

 A custom cheese board:

Let the couple enjoy their favourite cheese and charcuterie in style with a custom cheese board. Choose a personalized design or carve out a personal message.

 Custom artwork:

Instead of giving a generic art piece, give the couple something special with custom artwork. Have a picture of a special moment in their life printed onto a canvas, and they’ll cherish the meaningful gesture.

 Custom mugs:

Another way to show the couple you care is with some personalized mugs. Have their names or initials printed on the mugs for a special touch?

 A toaster oven:

For the couple who loves to cook, consider gifting a toaster oven. Not only is it easier to use for smaller items, but it’s also more energy-efficient than a traditional oven.

 A donation to their favourite charity:

Make a contribution to their favourite charity in the couple’s name. Not only will this show the couple that you care, but it’s also an excellent way to give back to the community.

 A spa day:

It’s always a good idea to allow the couple to relax and unwind. Purchase a gift card to their favourite spa or salon, and they can enjoy the treatments available.

 A date night box:

Put together a date night box with items like dinner recipes, a couple’s game, a movie, and other activities. The couple can use this for a night of fun and relaxation at home.


What is a good wedding gift for someone who has everything?

A unique, thoughtful gift is the best option for someone who already has everything. Creative items like a personalized photo album or custom chopping boards, gift cards for a night out, or donating to their favourite charity are all great ideas.

Is it OK to give a cash wedding gift?

Giving a cash wedding gift is perfectly acceptable. However, you should get creative and think of something personal and meaningful.

What are some experiences that make great gifts?

Experiences make wonderful gifts, as they can provide lasting memories. Consider getting tickets to see a show or sports event, a spa day or massage, a cooking class, or a wine-tasting event.


Finding the perfect wedding gift for someone who already has everything can be tough. Whether you’re looking for something practical, sentimental, or luxurious, plenty of thoughtful gift ideas are tailored to the couple’s personality. We hope our list has inspired you to shop for a gift the couple will remember for years.

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