15 Top Graduation gift ideas for middle school students

Graduation is an important milestone in a student’s life and is a great time to celebrate the student’s success and future. Finding the perfect gift for the graduating middle schooler can be daunting. From trendy gadgets to meaningful experiences, plenty of options are available to show your appreciation and congratulations. To simplify your search and make the task far less stressful, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for your graduating middle schooler that will surely stand out and make the most of their big day.

Hobby Kit:

A great way to encourage creativity among your graduate is to get them a hobby kit related to a hobby or activity that interests them. Whether it’s a flying drone kit, pottery or clay-making kit or slime-making kit, the recipient will surely put it to good use.

 Personalized Necklace:

A personalized necklace is a perfect pick if you are looking for a dynamic and timeless gift with deep sentimental value. With the graduate’s favourite quote, initials, or a meaningful symbol engraved, you can gift something that will be cherished for years to come.

 Chic Backpack:

A sturdy bag that’s both stylish and functional is an ideal graduation present for anyone, especially middle schoolers! Consider your graduate’s overall style and find a modern and practical bag that will make a great addition to their wardrobe in the years to come.

 LED Ring Light:

Help your graduate take their photography to a new level with an LED ring light that brings out the inner creative and allows them to capture stunning visuals and perfect selfies.

 Make-Your-Own Pizza Kit:

Gifting one of their favourite foods is a great idea. If your graduate loves pizza, a Make-Your-Own Pizza Kit with delicious toppings and a ready-to-bake mix will surely be appreciated.

 Adventure Passport:

An adventure passport guarantees you graduate a year filled with exciting activities, delicious food and lots of new experiences. Purchase an adventure passport book that lists all the activities your graduate can plan for themselves and cross off for an enjoyable start to their college life.

 Music Streaming Subscription:

As music and technology continue to increase in popularity, a music streaming subscription is an excellent gift. It gives your graduate millions of tunes from any artist and genre.

 Hydroponic Garden:

Why not gift your graduate the gift of growing their food? A hydroponic garden allows aspiring gardeners to grow their vegetables, herbs and flowers with practically no soil required. This might be a great way for them to start their college life right.

 Mobile Phone Printer:

A mobile phone printer empowers your graduate to stay creative and spontaneous with their photo prints. With it, they can take pictures, instantly print, edit, and share seconds later.

 Board Game Set:

Board games are an amazing way to spark and bring out the competitive spirit in everyone at the family reunion. A fun board game set is a great way to celebrate their graduation with some quality time spent with their friends and family.

 Polaroid Camera:

If you want to gift something extra special, an instant film camera is the way. With it, your graduate can capture and store memories to look back on for years.

 Exercise Planner:

For the health-conscious graduate, why not get them a custom-made exercise planner to keep track of their daily fitness activities and healthy eating goals?

 Movie Subscription:

A movie subscription like Netflix or Hulu will give your graduate plenty of opportunities to watch their favourite TV shows and movies right from the comfort of their home.

 Travel Camera:

Why not get your graduate a travel camera for that extra elegance? It’s slim, light, and portable and allows your graduate to capture high-quality images and breathtaking views wherever they go without having to carry a heavy camera load.

 Skincare Products:

With college life comes fun experiences and occasional stress, so why not ensure your graduate is pampered and properly equipped to have and maintain healthy skin? Showing skincare products like shower gels, shaving cream, facial cleansing wipes, and lip balms will surely make them feel loved and special.


What are some great graduation gift ideas for middle schoolers?

There are many great options for graduation gift ideas for middle schoolers. From hobby kits to personalized necklaces, chic backpacks, LED ring lights, make-your-own pizza kits, adventure passports, music streaming subscriptions, hydroponic gardens, mobile phone printers, board game sets, Polaroid cameras, exercise planners, movie subscriptions, travel cameras, skincare products, there are gifts available to suit every budget.

Is a music streaming subscription a good gift for a graduating middle schooler?

Yes, a music streaming subscription is an excellent gift for middle school graduates, giving them access to millions of tunes from just about any artist and genre. This makes it a great way to show your appreciation and congratulations meaningfully.

Are there any gift ideas that are suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, certain gifts like hobby kits, personalized necklaces, chic backpacks, LED ring lights, hydroponic gardens, mobile phone printers, board game sets, Polaroid cameras, exercise planners, movie subscriptions, travel cameras and skincare products are suitable for both boys and girls and make fantastic graduation gifts.


The perfect graduation gift for a middle schooler does not have to be expensive. The key is to find something the graduate will cherish and appreciate for years. You can show your love and appreciation without breaking the bank with the right gift. Whether you opt for a meaningful experience or something more lively, the recipient will remember this special moment and appreciate your gesture.

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