15 Top Gift ideas for toddlers who have everything

Christmas time is one of the most magical times of year for children. What do you give a toddler who has every toy imaginable? That’s a common dilemma for many parents during this time of year. Don’t fret; there are still options for fulfilling this challenge. Here are some gift ideas for toddlers who have everything.

Backyard Sprinkler –

A backyard sprinkler is a great way to bring hours of fun to any toddler. With the temperature rising during summer, it’s a great way to keep the kids cool and get them outside.

 Playhouse Tent –

Kids are full of imaginative play. A playhouse tent gives your toddler a place to set up shop and act as a pirate, castle guard, or any other character they can think of.

 Sand and Water Table –

Every toddler loves playing in the sand and water. A sand and water table provides hours of entertainment that can also help teach helpful skills such as motor and sensory development.

 Children’s Storybooks –

There’s a never-ending list of classic children’s stories that will bring joy and laughter to any toddler. From traditional fairy tales to modern and diverse books, there’s always something new to read and enjoy.

 Swing Set –

Nothing beats the fun of a swing set for any child. It’s an excellent choice if you have the space outdoors and a great way to inspire active play.

 Bubble Machine –

Who doesn’t enjoy bubbles? They create a mesmerizing experience for any toddler (and adult). A bubble machine takes the fun to a whole new level.

 Kid’s Tools –

Pretend play tools are perfect for toddlers who need to do what Mom and Dad do. A toy hammer, screwdriver, apron, and more can provide hours of entertainment.

 Balance Bikes –

Kid’s balance bikes are a great way to teach toddlers the basics of bike riding. It’s also safer than teaching them how to ride regular bikes.

 Play Kitchen –

A play kitchen set is a fun way to pay pretend mommy and daddy. Most children enjoy pretending to cook for the family and get a sense of responsibility to help them grow.

 Outdoor Games –

Outdoor games make for terrific family bonding time and hours of outdoor fun. Games such as outdoor tic-tac-toe, bowling, and ring toss are great ways to bring the fun of the classic games outside.

 Music Instruments –

Music has a special way of captivating children. Giving your toddler a musical instrument such as a bongo drum, a maraca, and a tambourine encourages individual creativity and group play.

 Game Sheets –

Game sheets can be drawn or printed and used as tools for play. Hang sheets of paper, have your toddler draw with crayons, and then erase and repeat. Or, hang a few printouts with matching, finding the shapes, and painting activities requiring more inventory.

 Art Supplies –

Art supplies are the best way to encourage your toddler’s creativity. Crayons, coloured markers, scissors, and paper will provide endless hours of fun.

 Play Dough –

Playdough has been a classic for many years, and good reason. Hours of fun and a good learning tool for kids to improve motor skills, practice counting, and shape recognition.

 Ride-on Toys –

Any toddler would love to ride on their scooter, skateboard, balance bike, or car. They will have loads of fun and help with gross motor skills.


What are some entertainment options?

Entertainment options include backyard sprinklers, playhouse tents, bubble machines, and ride-on toys.

What are some educational options?

Educational options include sand and water tables, a play kitchen, outdoor games, game sheets, musical instruments, and play dough.

How can I encourage creativity?

Art supplies, game sheets, and play and dough are great ways to encourage creativity.


Finding the right gifts for a toddler with everything can be challenging. While finding the right item may not come easy, remember that the best gifts for a toddler encourage creativity, exploration, and family bonding. Create moments that will last a lifetime over Christmas, and you’ll have the most meaningful gift.

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