15 Top Gift ideas for best friends college graduation

It’s that time of the year again! One of your best friends has just completed college and will soon graduate. It’s the perfect time to show them your appreciation and love– and what better way to do it than with an amazing gift? When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it can be challenging to choose the right thing, so we’ve curated a list of 15 thoughtful gifts that your best friend will love, whether they’re graduating college or starting a new job! Read on for our top gift ideas for your best friend’s college graduation.

A Personalized Framed Picture –

Give your friend a personalized framed picture of their graduation day to remind them of that special moment.

 A Cookbook –

Why not get them a cookbook filled with recipes they can enjoy while they explore the new city they’re moving to?

 A Gift of Experiences –

Whether you and your friend are up for some indoor rock climbing, stand-up paddling, or a yoga class, show your shared appreciation for an adventure by gifting an experience.

 A Laptop –

Give your friend a laptop as a graduation present. It’ll be handy for interviews, job necessities, staying connected with friends, and online fun.

 An Inspirational Art Piece –

Give your friend a piece of wall art with a heartfelt message to inspire them as they take on their next journey into the real world.

 Gift Cards –

Gift cards are a great way to allow your friend to choose gifts for themselves. The possibilities are endless, from an online store to gas cards to books and music.

 A Gift Basket –

Place some of their favourite items or necessities in a customized basket or box. Your friend will appreciate the gesture.

 A Hashtag Photo Album –

Give your friend something meaningful, like a customized hashtag photo album of your adventures together. They’ll look back fondly on these special moments and treasure the memories.

 A Set of Coffee Mugs –

Your friend will need some coffee mugs for their office or dorm room. A set of colourful mugs will make a great gift!

 A Board Game –

Everyone loves a good game night with their friends. Visit your local board game store and pick a game for your bestie to share the fun.

 A Kindle –

If your friend likes reading, a Kindle makes the perfect gift. Now they can read anywhere, anytime!

 A Dedicated Bicycle –

If your friend is a bike-lover, why not get them a new one to use in their college town or explore the neighbourhoods back home?

 A Miniature Plant –

A miniature plant is an ideal present for your friend’s dorm room or home. It’ll be a great reminder of your friendship and bring some life into their space.

 A “Future Adventure” Fund –

To help your friend pursue their dreams, start up a savings fund that they can use for their trips or any other endeavour they may take on.

 A Karaoke Machine –

What better way to celebrate their post-graduation success than with some singing and dancing? Get them a good quality karaoke machine for their house party!


What are some of the best gifts for college graduates?

Some of the best gifts for college graduates are personalized framed pictures, gift cards, gift baskets, board games and karaoke machines.

What kind of gifts should I get my best friend for college graduation?

Every friend has different interests, but some popular gift ideas are cookbooks, experiences, laptops, art pieces, and coffee mugs.

Where can I buy gift cards for college graduates?

Gift cards can be bought online or in stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.


We hope this list of gift ideas has helped you find the perfect present for your best friend’s college graduation. Celebrate their achievement and show them your appreciation with the perfect gift. Whether it’s an experience or something tangible, your best friend will be thrilled with any thoughtful presents on this list. Congratulations to your best friend and happy shopping!

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