15 Rare Gift ideas for air force basic training graduation

Every military recruit takes a major leap of faith when enlisting. For those in the Air Force, Basic Military Training is the important first step in becoming the best version of themselves. Basic training graduation is the perfect time to celebrate this accomplishment and show a special airman in your life how proud you are.

When shopping for the perfect gift for basic training graduation, it can be hard to find something to express your gratitude for their service. After all, your airman’s journey to get here is remarkable. To make your gifting experience as stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a list of 15 thoughtful gift ideas for an air force basic training graduation.

Air Force Flag or Flag Accessory:

Honor your airman’s service with a flag or an accessory to display their flag pride. You can customize a flag with their name to make the gift even more special.

 Air Force Pin Set:

A set of pins can be used to decorate hats, jackets, and backpacks. Every time your airman wears their pins, they’ll proudly display their air force rank.

 Air Plane Model Kit:

A model kit is a terrific way to help your airman reminisce about their experience in the air force. Choose a gift with a nostalgic design or an updated version of the plane they flew during basic training.

 Air Force T-Shirt:

Being part of the Air Force is a huge accomplishment and deservedly should be celebrated. A classic Air Force t-shirt will make your airman beam with pride.

 Music Speakers:

To make the most out of their basic training graduation, give them a set of wireless speakers they can use in their dorm later. Music always adds the perfect vibe to any occasion.

 Cooking Utensils:

After their basic training graduation, your airman will likely find themselves more independent and attending dorm dinners—spice up their cooking experience with high-quality cooking tools.

 Air Force Uniform Samples:

A small collection of air force uniform samples will make an excellent addition to their memorabilia collection.

 Military-Themed Book:

Reading military-themed books can bring added insight and knowledge as your airman progresses through their Air Force career.

 Duffle Bag or Travel Bag:

The perfect gift for any airman is a high-quality duffel bag or travel bag for when they must hit the ground running on a mission.

 Shower Caddy:

A customizable shower caddy will make the perfect tote for their dorm bathroom supplies.

 GoPro Camera:

A GoPro camera is the perfect gift for capturing mission footage, vacation photos, or everyday adventures.

 Emergency Kit:

An emergency kit is essential for any airman, no matter their situation. Put together a personalized kit with water, flashlights, and treats.

 Air Force Coin:

A challenge coin symbolizes belonging to the Air Force and should be proudly displayed. Finding a quality air force coin will make an excellent lasting gift.

 Magazine Subscription:

Give your airman the gift of knowledge with a subscription to a magazine with articles about the air force. Print or digital subscriptions are available.

 Gift Basket:

Put together a custom gift basket with their favorite treats, snacks, and stationery. Include bedding items such as a pillow and a blanket to make their lodging more cozy.


What size gifts should I get for an air force basic training graduation?

The gift size depends on the budget and your relationship with the airman – consider getting a larger item or two smaller presents if the budget is tight.

What are some inexpensive gifts I can give?

Budget-friendly gifts include a military-themed book, a magazine subscription, a shower caddy, or a gift basket filled with snacks and stationery. You can customize a flag with their name or get an air force pin set.

Do I need to get a gift for the whole unit or just for the airman?

Generally, getting a gift for the entire unit is unnecessary. Just focus on getting something special for the airman you’re supporting.


Buying a gift for an air force basic training graduation is more than purchasing an item. It’s a way of showing your airman how proud you are of their strides and congratulating them on reaching a monumental milestone. Everyone has a unique relationship with the airman, so incorporate something personal into your gift to make it extra special. Shopping around and identifying the perfect gift make your airman feel appreciated and loved. Congratulations, and thank you for your service!

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