15 Exclusive Gift ideas for guys who have everything

Gift-giving to those special people who have everything can be so challenging. Despite it being tough to buy gifts for men who already have everything they need and want, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to delight them with a thoughtful and personal present – often without breaking the bank. This guide offers a collection of some of the best gift ideas for guys who have, quite literally, everything.

Custom Engraved Leather Dopp Kit:

Treat that special man with some luxe bathroom and grooming essentials. A custom engraved leather dopp kit makes for a unique and modern gift that he can use for travel or at home.

 Digital Picture Frame:

A digital picture frame offers a way to showcase all his favourite family photos in a modern way. A digital picture frame is a great way to keep track of all his favourite memories.

 Monthly Subscription Box:

There are many options these days for monthly subscription boxes, which are becoming increasingly popular gift ideas. From beer to artisanal cheese to exotic coffees, there’s something to satisfy any man’s interests.

 Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven:

Is he an avid cook? An air fryer toaster oven is a great way to make all his favourite fried dishes with only a fraction of the oil.

 Automatic Pet Feeder:

Keep Fido well-fed with an automatic pet feeder. With this handy device, he can ensure his pet is fed while away and schedule feedings in advance.

 Customizable Phone Case:

For the ultra-modern man, a customizable phone case with a special message or photo makes a great gift.

 Smart Thermostat:

For the tech-savvy man, a smart thermostat is the perfect electronic luxury. He’ll love controlling his home’s temperature, air quality, and humidity from his phone.

 Wireless Charging Station:

Keep all his gadgets and devices in one organized location with a wireless charging station. He’ll never worry about mismatched cords or forgetting to charge his devices again.

 Bluetooth Headphones:

Whether for the gym or music, a good pair of Bluetooth headphones is a great gift for any tech-loving man.

 Professional Knife Set:

Every man needs a good knife set in his arsenal. This professional knife set is perfect for the aspiring chef.

 Blade-Runner-Style Razor:

Take grooming to the next level with the stylish yet functional blade-runner-style razor. He’ll never have to worry about nicks or cuts again.

 Supercharged Power Bank:

Is he constantly on the go? A supercharged power bank is the perfect way to keep his devices charged, no matter where life takes him.

 Digital Video Recorder:

If he loves movies, he’ll love the convenience of a digital video recorder. With the ability to record, pause, and rewind live TV, he can ensure he never misses his favourite shows.

 Portable Speaker:

Get the party started with a portable Bluetooth speaker – perfect for his next camping, road trip, or party.

 Solar-Powered Charger:

Give the gift of convenience with a solar-powered charger. It’s a great way to keep his mobile devices charged while on the go.


What are some good gift ideas for men who have everything?

Custom engraved leather dopp kit, digital picture frame, monthly subscription box, Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven, automatic pet feeder, customizable phone case, smart thermostat, wireless charging station, Bluetooth headphones, professional knife set, blade-runner-style razor, supercharged power bank, digital video recorder, portable speaker, solar-powered charger are all great gifts for guys who have everything.

Are there any affordable gifts for guys who have everything?

Absolutely! Monthly subscription boxes, blade-runner-style razors, portable speakers, and solar-powered chargers are all relatively affordable options.

Are there any unique gifts for men who have everything?

Yes! Custom engraved leather dopp kits, digital picture frames, Cuisinart air fryer toaster ovens, and supercharged power banks are all great gift ideas that he probably doesn’t already have.

In The End

Gifting to someone with everything can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With many options available, you can ensure he gets something thoughtful, personal, and modern that he can use and enjoy. It’s also worth remembering that many of the gifts listed above are relatively affordable – so you don’t have to spend a fortune to make him feel special. Gifting should ultimately be about quality and thought, not the price tag. So next time you’re looking for inspiration for someone with everything he needs, check out this list for great ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.

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