What to Wear to a Vietnamese Wedding?

When it comes to weddings, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Every culture has its unique customs and traditions when it comes to tying the knot. So, if you’re wondering what to wear to a Vietnamese wedding, here are a few tips to help you get started. 

For starters, it’s important to remember that Vietnamese weddings are typically quite formal affairs. That means you’ll want to avoid anything too casual or revealing. Instead, opt for something more elegant and modest. A nice dress or suit will do the trick nicely. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the color of your clothing. While white is always a popular choice for weddings, it’s worth noting that black is considered bad luck in Vietnamese culture. So, unless the bride and groom specifically request that guests wear black, it’s best to steer clear of this hue. Finally, remember accessories! A beautiful scarf or jewelry can add some extra flair to your outfit. Just be sure to stay moderate – remember, less is more when it comes to wedding attire!

What Do Guests Wear to a Vietnamese Wedding?

Regarding weddings, there is no one-size-fits-all answer regarding what guests should wear. However, if you’re attending a Vietnamese wedding, it’s important to be aware of the cultural nuances that come into play. Here are some tips on what guests should wear to a Vietnamese wedding: 

For men, it’s generally appropriate to wear a dark suit with a tie. If the wedding is taking place during the daytime, a light-colored suit may also be worn. As for women, dresses or skirts and blouses are typically seen as appropriate attire. It’s also worth noting that while Westerners often dress in white at weddings, this color is reserved for funerals in Vietnam. So if you’re looking to blend in with the locals, stick to darker colors like black or navy. 

Of course, as with any wedding, it’s always best to err on caution and dress slightly more formally than you think might be necessary. After all, you want to ensure you look your best for the happy occasion!

What Color Should I Wear to a Vietnamese Wedding?

There are a few things to consider when deciding what color to wear to a Vietnamese wedding. The first is the time of year that the wedding will take place. If the wedding is during the hot summer, it’s best to avoid dark colors as they absorb more heat and make you feel even hotter. Instead, opt for light or bright colors that will reflect sunlight and help keep you cool. Spring and fall weddings are a bit cooler, so you can get away with wearing darker colors without feeling too warm. The second thing to consider is the bride’s dress color. 

In Vietnam, it’s tradition for the bride to wear red on her wedding day. If you’re close to the bride and want to show your support, you could also wear red. However, if you’re not close to the bride or if you don’t like red, there are other options available. White is always a popular choice for guests at Vietnamese weddings because it symbolizes purity and innocence. You could also wear a black dress if you want something more formal or elegant-looking. 

Finally, consider what kind of message you want to send with your outfit choice. If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for a bolder color like yellow or orange. But if you prefer to blend in with the guests, stick to more subdued tones like white or cream. Whichever color you choose, make sure it makes you feel comfortable and confident – that’s what really matters on your big day!

What Gift Do You Give at a Vietnamese Wedding?

If you are looking to give a gift at a Vietnamese wedding, there are a few traditional options that would be greatly appreciated. One option is to give cash in an envelope, which is common for weddings in many cultures. Another option is to give gold jewelry, seen as a valuable and promising metal in Vietnamese culture. You could also give a set of tea cups or other household items, as these are always needed and appreciated. Whatever you decide to give, ensure it is wrapped nicely and given with best wishes to the happy couple!

Modern Vietnamese Wedding

Vietnamese weddings have changed significantly in recent years, with many couples opting for a more modern approach. While traditional Vietnamese weddings are still very popular, there is an increasing trend for couples to personalize their wedding day and make it more unique. 

One of the most popular trends in modern Vietnamese weddings is to hold the ceremony and reception outdoors. This can be at a beautiful park or garden, on a beach, or even in your backyard. This gives the day a more relaxed and natural feel and allows you to take advantage of the stunning scenery that Vietnam offers. 

Another popular trend is incorporating traditional Vietnamese elements into the wedding day, such as using bamboo for decoration or having an Ao dai (traditional dress) as your wedding dress. However, you can also add your personal touches to make the day even more special. For example, you could have a live band playing traditional Vietnamese music during the reception or hire acrobats or dancers to entertain your guests during the evening. Whatever style of modern Vietnamese wedding you choose will surely be a day that you and your guests will remember forever!


The Vietnamese wedding is a very special occasion that is steeped in tradition. There are many things to consider when attending a Vietnamese wedding, but one of the most important is what to wear. Here are some tips on what to wear to a Vietnamese wedding. 

The bride and groom will usually wear traditional Vietnamese clothing. For men, this means an Ao Dai – a long tunic worn over pants. The Ao Dai is also worn for women, but it is often more elaborate and may be adorned with embroidery or jewels. In addition to the Ao Dai, men and women may wear a conical hat called a Non-La. As guests at the wedding, you should also try to dress in traditional Vietnamese clothing. If you don’t have an Ao Dai, don’t worry – there are other options. You can also wear Western-style clothes, but avoid anything too casual like jeans or t-shirts. A nice dress or suit for women and slacks and a button-down shirt for men should be fine. 

Whatever you do, avoid wearing black or white to a Vietnamese wedding, as these colors are associated with death and funerals in Vietnam. Red is considered good luck, so if you have something red to wear (like a red scarf or tie), that would be ideal!

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