How to Get Gift Envelopes in Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory is an exciting new game for mobile devices that allows players to take control of a powerful kingdom and defend it against others. One of the best ways to get ahead in the game is by collecting Gift Envelopes, which can be used to purchase upgrades and items for your army. Here are some tips on how to get more Gift Envelopes in Guns of Glory: 

1. Complete Quests and Tasks – One way to earn Gift Envelopes is by completing quests and tasks given by the game. These usually involve defeating other players or completing certain objectives. You’ll be rewarded with experience points, resources, and sometimes Gift Envelopes as you complete these tasks. 

2. Attack Other Players – Another way to get Gift Envelopes is by attacking other players’ kingdoms and plundering their resources. Be warned, though, as this will increase your kingdom’s attack vulnerability. 

3. Purchase Them With Gold – If you need more time or patience, you can always purchase Gift Envelopes with gold from the in-game store. Prices range from 500 gold for five envelopes to 10,000 gold for 100.

How Do I Get Gift Envelopes in Guns of Glory?

Guns of Glory offers a few ways to get gift envelopes. One way is to purchase them from the in-game store using real money. Another way is to complete certain in-game tasks or events, which will sometimes reward you with a gift envelope. Finally, you can also receive gift envelopes as gifts from other players.

What are the Benefits of Getting Gift Envelopes in Guns of Glory?

There are a few benefits of getting gift envelopes in Guns of Glory. First, it can be a great way to save money on your gun purchase. Second, it can b a way to get discounts on future gun purchases. Finally, n also show your support for the game and its community.

How Does Receiving Gift Envelopes in Guns of Glory Work?

In Guns of Glory, when you receive a gift envelope, it will contain various items that can be used to help you progress in the game. These items can include things like resources, speed-ups, and even gems. The envelope’s contents will be based on your current game level, and you’ll receive better-quality gifts as you level up.


In Guns of Glory, one of the best ways to get Gift Envelopes is to participate in events. Here are some of the events that you can take part in: 

1. The Wheel of Fortune – This event happens daily, giving out different prizes each time. One of the prizes that you can win is a Gift Envelope. To participate, you only need to spin the wheel and hope for the best! 

2. The Challenges – There are many different challenges that you can take part in Guns of Glory. These challenges usually last for a few days and often have Gift Envelopes as rewards. Keep an eye out for these challenges, and complete them! 

3. The Quests – There are also many quests that you can undertake in Guns of Glory. These quests usually have multiple stages; if you complete all of them, you will be rewarded with a Gift Envelope. Make sure to check the quest tab regularly so that you can get all of them!

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