How to Get Celebrities to Say Happy Birthday

You can do a few things to make it more likely that a celebrity will say “Happy Birthday” to you on your special day.

  •  First, try following them on social media and interacting with their posts – they’re more likely to notice you this way; 
  • Find out the celebrity’s contact information;
  •  This can be done by searching for their agent or publicist online or through a reliable source such as IMDb Pro;
  •  Draft a short, polite email or letter requesting that the celebrity say “happy birthday” in a video message or post on social media;
  •  Include your name, age, and any other relevant information (such as why you are a fan of the celebrity) in the email/letter;
  •  Send the email/letter several weeks in advance of the actual birthday to give the celeb time to respond;
  •  If you are still waiting to receive a response, don’t be discouraged! Many celebrities are very busy and may not have time to fulfill every request they receive;
  • Finally, consider donating to their favorite charity in their name – many celebrities are happy to support good causes!

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Celebrity to Say Happy Birthday?

It depends on the celebrity. Some may do it for free, while others may charge a fee. It also depends on how well-known the person is and their popularity.

Can You Get a Birthday Message from a Celebrity?

Yes, you can get a birthday message from a celebrity! There are many ways to do this. One way is to sign up for a fan club or the celebrity’s official website. Many of these websites offer members the ability to request a personalized video message from the celebrity for a fee. 

Another way to get a birthday message from a celebrity is to enter contests held by fan clubs or websites. Some of these contests are free to enter, while others may require an annual membership fee. 

Finally, some celebrities post their contact information on social media platforms like Twitter, inviting fans to reach out to them directly with requests for birthday messages.

How Do You Get a Celebrity Greeting?

There are a few ways to get a celebrity greeting. One way is to send a letter or card to the celebrity’s agent or publicist. Include your name, address, and phone number so the agent can contact you. You can also try contacting the celebrity directly through social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Finally, you can attend events where the celebrity appears in person and request a greeting.


It’s your birthday, and you want nothing more than for a celebrity to wish you a happy birthday. But how do you make that happen? Here are a few tips: 

1. Follow them on social media. This is the easiest way to get their attention. Most celebrities are active on Twitter and Instagram, so start following them and liking their posts. 

2. Send them a fan letter. Celebrities love getting mail from fans, so take the time to write a nice letter wishing them well. Be sure to include your contact information in case they want to respond. 

3. Attend one of their events. If you can see them in person, they’ll remember you! Go to as many concerts, movie premieres, or other events as they might be appearing as possible. 

4. Give them a gift. A small gift can go a long way in making an impression on a celebrity.

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