How to Get All Endings in Forget Your Friends Birthday?

To get all endings in “Forget Your Friends Birthday,” you must take a few steps. First, you’ll want to ensure you have the game’s most recent version. Next, you’ll need to complete the game’s main storyline. Once you have done that, you can access the game’s secret ending. To do that, you’ll need to find all of the hidden objects in the game. Finally, you’ll need to purchase the premium content to get the true ending.

Go to the settings menu and disable all notifications. Play through the game until you reach the point where you can forget your friend’s birthday. Save your game before choosing to forget your friend’s birthday. Make a copy of your save file and name it “Good Ending.” Forget your friend’s birthday in-game, load up your Good Ending, save the file, and continue playing until you get the good ending. Repeat steps 3-5 for each possible choice (forgetting their birthday, remembering their birthday, etc.) until you have unlocked all endings in Forget Your Friends Birthday!

How Do You Get All Endings in Forget Your Friends Birthday on Roblox?

To get all endings in “Forget Your Friend’s Birthday” on Roblox, you must first complete the game. Once done so, go to the menu and select “Extras.” From here, you will be able to view all of the different endings that are available. Click on it to get a specific ending, and then follow the prompts.

What is the Code for Forget Your Friends Birthday Sewer?

Forgetting a friend’s birthday can be pretty embarrassing. If you’re looking to avoid that awkward moment, there’s a code for it! The code is “FYSB sewer.” Here’s how it works: If you forget your friend’s birthday and they ask you about it, say that you were in the middle of getting them a present when you realized that you forgot their birthday. Then, offered to get the present right now. Your thoughtfulness will touch them so much that they’ll forget that you forgot their birthday in the first place!

Forget Your Friend’s Birthday Roblox

Like most people, you have at least one friend whose birthday you always forget. Well, there’s no need to feel bad about it anymore! With Roblox, forgetting your friend’s birthday is a thing of the past. With Roblox, you can set up a reminder for your friends’ birthdays. That way, you’ll never miss another one! Plus, it’s a great way to ensure your friends know you care about them. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Go to the Roblox website and log in. 

2. Click on the “Friends” tab at the top of the page. 

3. Find the friend whose birthday you want to remember, and click on their name. 

4. On their profile page, scroll down to the “Birthday” section and click on the “Set Reminder” button. 

5. Enter when you want to be reminded of their birthday, and hit “Save.” That’s it! Now you’ll always remember another one of your friend’s birthdays again!


It’s easy to forget your friend’s birthday. Here are some tips on how to get all the endings in this game: 

1) Talk to everyone and remember their birthdays. The game will hint when someone’s birthday is coming up. 

2) Give gifts that are meaningful to the person. They’ll appreciate it more if it’s something they want. 

3) Plan for big events like parties or trips. Ensure you have everything you need so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. 

4) Be flexible with your plans. Things come up, and people have to change their schedules sometimes. Don’t sweat it too much if you can’t make it to something. Your friend will understand.

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