Does Zola Take a Percentage of Cash Gifts?

No, Zola does not take a percentage of cash gifts. All cash gifts go directly to the couple. However, we charge a 2.5% processing fee on all credit and debit card transactions. If you’re considering giving a cash gift to help cover the costs of a friend’s wedding, you may be wondering if Zola takes a percentage of those gifts. The short answer is no – Zola does not take a percentage of any cash gifts given through our site. Weddings should be as affordable as possible, so we don’t want to add additional fees on top of what’s already being spent. That means that 100% of every cash gift goes directly to the couple, which they can use towards whatever they need most – paying for their venue, hiring a photographer, or anything else. 

So if you’re thinking about giving a cash gift to help out with wedding costs, rest assured knowing that Zola won’t be taking a cut. Your friends will be thankful for your generosity, and they’ll be able to put that money towards making their big day even more special.

Does Zola Take a Cut from Gifts?

Zola does not take a cut from gifts. All you pay is the transaction fee to cover credit card processing. That’s it!

Does Zola Take a Percentage of Money?

Zola does not take a percentage of money from your registry. You will pay a flat fee for every transaction made on your registry.

Does Zola Charge a Fee for Gifts?

No, Zola does not charge a fee for gifts.

Does Zola Take a Percentage of Honeymoon Fund

Zola is a wedding registry and planning company that offers various services to couples getting married. One of those services is the option to create a honeymoon fund, which allows guests to contribute money towards the couple’s honeymoon expenses. The way it works is that couples set up a honeymoon fund through Zola and then provide their guests with a link to the fund so they can contribute. 

Zola does not take any percentage of the money contributed by guests – all of it goes directly into the couple’s account. There are some benefits to using Zola for your honeymoon funds, such as the ability to track how much has been raised and who has contributed, as well as having access to customer support if you have any questions or problems. Additionally, Zola offers discounts on travel bookings made through their site (including honeymoons), so you could save money using their service. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to collect money from guests for your honeymoon expenses, Zola is a good option since they don’t charge any fees. Remember that you’ll need to make your travel bookings through their site to get the discounts they offer.


Yes, Zola does take a percentage of cash gifts. Zola will charge you a 2.5% processing fee for every cash gift you give. So, if you give a $100 cash gift, Zola will charge you a $2.50 processing fee.

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