Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring down the Aisle?

When planning your wedding, there are a million things to think about – one of them is whether or not to wear your engagement ring down the aisle. There’s no right or wrong answer, but a few things to consider before deciding. bLike most brides, you’ve probably spent months (if not years) dreaming about your wedding day. And while every detail is important, one thing that stands out: is your engagement ring. After all, it’s the symbol of your love and commitment, and it’s likely the most expensive piece of jewellery you own. So it’s no wonder many brides wear their engagement rings down the aisle. Consider a few things if you’re thinking about wearing your engagement ring on your wedding day. First, will your ring fit comfortably under your wedding gloves? 

If not, please remove it during the ceremony and put it back on for the reception. Second, how will you feel if someone steps on or knocks into your ring? If you’re concerned about this, leave your ring at home for the ceremony and put it back on later. Ultimately, whether or not you wear your engagement ring down the aisle is up to you. There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s simply a personal decision. But whatever you decide, know that wearing (or not wearing) your engagement ring on your wedding day is OK!

Where Do You Put Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?

Your engagement ring holds a lot of meaning and sentiment, so you may wonder what to do with it on your wedding day. Here are a few ideas for how to wear your engagement ring on your big day. 

One option is to keep your engagement ring on your left hand during the ceremony. This way, you can still have the ring visible as you exchange vows, and it will be a special reminder of this momentous occasion. Another option is temporarily moving your engagement ring to your right hand during the ceremony. This allows you to have an empty left hand for exchanging rings with your spouse. After the ceremony, you can put your engagement ring back in its rightful place on your left hand. If you don’t want to wear your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony, that’s OK too! You can leave it home for the day and enjoy wearing your wedding band. 

Or, if you have a family member or close friend attending the ceremony, ask them to hold onto your engagement ring until after the event. This way, you can still have it near you on such an important day without worrying about losing it or damaging it during all the festivities. Whatever you decide to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day, make sure it feels right for you and that you’re comfortable with it. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life, so everything should be perfect!

What Do You Do With Your Engagement Ring After You Get Married?

After you get married, you can do a few different things with your engagement ring. You could keep wearing it as is, have it redesigned into a wedding band or right-hand ring, or sell it and put the money towards something else if you keep wearing your engagement ring; congratulations! You get to continue enjoying the sparkly reminder of your love every day. This may be the best option if your engagement ring is a family heirloom or has sentimental value. If you want to have your engagement ring redesigned, a good jewellery designer can work with you to create a new piece that incorporates your original diamond (or diamonds). This could be anything from a simple diamond solitaire band to a more intricate design. It’s also a great way to update an older-style ring. 

And finally, selling it is always an option if you’re not attached to your engagement ring and would rather use the money towards something else. Plenty of reputable jewellers will give you a fair price for your diamond (or diamonds). You could then use that money to buy a new home, take a dream vacation or invest in something important to you.

In Summary

A bride-to-be recently asked if it was OK to wear her engagement ring down the aisle. The answer is YES! There are no rules for your wedding day, so do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, that’s fine. If you only want to wear your engagement ring, that’s also perfectly acceptable. Some brides even choose not to wear rings during the ceremony. It’s entirely up to you!

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