Are Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings Tacky?

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Is It Ok to Get a Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring?

When it comes to engagement rings, there are a lot of options out there. Instead, you can use a traditional diamond ring or a cubic zirconia (CZ) ring. Is it okay to get a CZ engagement ring? Here’s what you need to know about CZ engagement rings before making your decision: 

What is a Cubic Zirconia? Cubic zirconia is a manufactured stone that closely resembles diamonds. CZs are often used as fake diamonds in costume jewelry and other pieces because they are realistic. Because cubic zirconia is created in a lab and not mined from the earth like diamonds, they are typically much less expensive. This can appeal if you’re on a budget or prefer not to spend much on an engagement ring. However, it’s important to remember that CZs are less durable than diamonds and can scratch and chip more easily. They also may discolor over time if exposed to chemicals or sunlight too frequently. So, if you choose a CZ ring, take good care!

Does Cubic Zirconia Look As Good As Diamond?

Cubic zirconia is often touted as a cheaper, more affordable diamond alternative. But does it look as good? Let’s take a closer look. In terms of hardness, cubic zirconia rates an eight on the Mohs scale of hardness, while diamonds rate a 10. So in terms of scratch resistance, cubic zirconia is superior to diamonds! Cubic zirconia also outperforms diamonds in brilliance and fire (the ability to reflect light). This is because its refractive index is higher than that of diamond. Cubic zirconia has the highest refractive index of any known material. So, cubic zirconia can look just as good as diamonds, if not better!

Do Cubic Zirconia Rings Look Real?

Cubic zirconia is an affordable diamond alternative that looks similar to real diamonds. While cubic zirconia rings can look quite real, some tell-tale signs can reveal that it’s not a real diamond. Here are some things to look for when trying to determine if a ring is made with cubic zirconia or a real diamond: 

-The first thing to look at is the price. Cubic zirconia is much less expensive than diamonds, so if the ring’s price is too good to be true, it’s likely because it’s made with cubic zirconia. 

-Take a close look at the stone. Cubic zirconia stones are often flawless, while diamonds typically have small inclusions. If the stone looks too perfect, it may be because it’s not a real diamond. 

-Look at the setting. Cubic zirconia stones are often set in lower-quality metals like brass or plated metals, while diamonds are typically set in higher-quality metals like platinum or gold. 

-Finally, hold the ring to your ear and listen for a sound. Diamonds conduct sound waves differently than cubic zirconia, so you should be able to hear a slight buzzing sound if the stone is a diamond.

My Engagement Ring is Cubic Zirconia

Regarding engagement rings, there are many different options to choose from. Some couples opt for a traditional diamond ring, while others may choose a unique option like a cubic zirconia ring. So, what is cubic zirconia, and why might you choose it for your engagement ring? Cubic zirconia is a manufactured stone that closely resembles diamonds. It is often used as a diamond simulant in jewelry. Cubic zirconia is typically less expensive than diamonds, making it a more budget-friendly option for an engagement ring. Additionally, cubic zirconia is available in various colors, so you can find a ring that suits your style. 

Suppose you’re considering a cubic zirconia engagement ring, research to ensure that you get quality stones. Look for rings made with Russian or Chinese cubic zirconia, as these tend to be the highest quality available. Avoid lower-quality stones that may turn yellow over time or look foggy when compared side-by-side with diamonds. Whether you choose a diamond or cubic zirconia engagement ring (or something else entirely!), the most important thing is that the ring symbolizes your love and commitment to each other.

In Summary

Cubic zirconia engagement rings are often seen as tacky, but there are ways to make them look more sophisticated. One way is to choose a setting that is not overly embellished. Another way is to pick a ring with a simple design. Finally, avoid rings that have large stones or multiple stones.

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