15 Top 8th grade graduation gift ideas for him

Graduating from 8th grade is a significant milestone in school life. Celebrate and honor your son, nephew, or grandson’s educational success with a memorable and meaningful gift. To help you find the perfect gift for your graduate, here’s a list of 8th-grade graduation gift ideas for him. 

A Tablet – 

Help him stay connected and organized with a reliable tablet. Available in multiple sizes and with different features, like a stylus pen, allowing him to take notes or play games, a tablet can make him his mini-workstation on the go. 

Gaming Console – 

A gaming console is a must-have 13th birthday gift idea. Whether he likes Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can get him a new console to keep him entertained for many hours and to exercise his skills. 

A Portable Speaker – 

Keep him entertained with a high-quality portable speaker for his bedroom, which he can carry when needed—an ideal gift for a teen to enjoy his favorite music. 

A Smartwatch – 

Tracking their fitness goals or playing games, he will love this gift. Get him a decent, reliable smartwatch matching his lifestyle and daily activities. 

A Drone – 

If your son is into photography, a drone is the perfect gift. He can have fun taking amazing aerial photos and videos of his surroundings. 

A Headphone –

 A headphone is a thoughtful graduation gift that allows the graduate to enjoy his favorite music peacefully. You can choose one based on his preferences, whether he wants noise cancellation or a wireless headphone. 

A DSLR Camera – 

If your son loves taking photos, an entry-level DSLR camera is a great choice. It takes perfect images that any beginner could appreciate. 

A Smartphone – 

This gift will be a potential game changer, and his life might never be the same. Get him a copy of the latest generation of smartphones and ensure he has the best device. 

A Suitcase – 

Students always need a suitcase for their travels. A suitcase is the perfect graduation gift for a teen planning to attend college or travel abroad. 

A Backpack – 

Whether going to college or taking a gap year, a backpack is essential for him—back up to school essentials like books, laptops, and other necessary items. 

A Portable Charger – 

A compact and handy portable charger is an ideal graduation present for a constantly moving son. He won’t have to worry about having no battery with a portable charger. 

A Bicycle – 

Get him a new set of wheels to get around. Whether to ride for exercise, fun, or transportation, a bike is a great gift for a teen. 

A Kindle – 

Allow him to read without interruption and without having to carry heavy books. A Kindle will give him access to endless books and magazines. 

Clothes – 

Get him some new fashionable clothing pieces to update his wardrobe. Trendy clothes and accessories can give him a cool update and take him to the next level. 

Music Lessons – 

Get him lessons in playing his favorite instrument or a gift certificate to a singing school or to see a concert by a famous musician. 


What are good gifts for 8th-grade graduation? 

Traditional graduation gifts such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and gaming consoles are great for 8th-grade graduation. Still, gifts such as a smartwatch, drones, a suitcase, a portable speaker, a portable charger, and music lessons are also great ideas for an 8th-grade graduation gift. 

What do you get someone graduating from 8th grade? 

A range of gifts is suitable for someone graduating from 8th grade, including laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles, drones, and portable chargers. Other gift ideas, such as music lessons and travel accessories, might also be suitable.

Can I give cash for 8th-grade graduation? 

Giving cash as a gift for 8th-grade graduation is becoming increasingly popular. A cash gift can be used to put towards a future reward or cover college-related expenses. 


Overall, many great 8th-grade graduation gift ideas are used to recognize his accomplishments and mark this special occasion. From tablets to cameras, gaming consoles to headphones, there is something to fit every budget, and be sure to bring joy to the graduate. Cash is always an appreciated and flexible gift if you are unsure. No matter what you choose, make sure to include a thoughtful card to express your best wishes.

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