15 Uncommon 5th grade graduation gift ideas from school

Graduation is an important milestone for many students, and 5th-grade students are no exception. For students who have achieved this milestone, a gift from their school is a wonderful way to recognize their hard work and effort. Below are some suggestions for 5th-grade graduation gifts from school that can help commemorate their achievement.

Personalized Yearbook:

Give your graduating students a yearbook that is personalized just for them. Include a special message from their teachers and classmates and the student’s photos to make the yearbook more meaningful.

 Memory Book:

Create a memory book that includes photos, stories, activities, and events the student participated in during their 5th-grade year. This will provide a lasting reminder of their time in 5th grade.

 Award Certificate:

Give each student an award certificate to recognize their academic excellence or participation in extracurricular activities.

 Classroom Artwork:

If a student has excelled in art class, consider giving them a framed piece of their artwork as a gift.

 Personalized Student T-Shirts:

Give each student a t-shirt or other clothing item customized with their name, photo, or other special message. This can be a fun way to show school pride.

 School Supplies:

A bag filled with school supplies will help the graduates prepare for their next grade level. Consider including basic items like pens, pencils, binders, and folders.

 Gift Card:

Give each student a gift card to their favourite store or restaurant.

 Personal Stationery Set:

A set of personalized stationery can be a great gift for the graduates. This includes writing paper, envelopes, address labels, and greeting cards.

 Photo Album:

Put together an album of their favourite photos from 5th grade. Consider including both candid and posed photos.

 Graduation DVD:

Create a DVD that documents their 5th-grade year and present it to the graduates. This DVD can include teacher interviews, students’ thoughts about the year, and special memories.

 Library Books:

Provide each student with a book from their school library that is especially meaningful to them.

 Special Pen or Pencil Set:

Give each student a special pen or pencil set as a graduation memento.


Gift the student a subscription to a magazine or online service they would enjoy.

 Magazine or Newspaper:

A subscription to a newspaper or magazine can be a great way to keep the students informed and engaged after their 5th-grade year.


Create bookmarkers with the student’s name and the end of the 5th-grade year.


Should I give the same gift to each student?

While it depends on your budget, it is generally recommended that each student be given something unique as a gift to recognize their accomplishments.

How can I make the gifts more meaningful?

Personalize the gifts with a special message from the student’s teacher or classmates. This will make the gift more memorable and make it more special.

Are there any age restrictions on the gifts?

As a general rule, avoid giving gifts inappropriate for a 5th-grade student, such as alcohol or other age-restricted items.


Graduation from 5th grade is an exciting milestone for many students. A gift from the school can be a perfect way to recognize the students’ hard work and dedication over the year. Whether you give personalized gifts or more practical items, many options can help make this graduation special. You can create memories that will last a lifetime with a few thoughtful gifts.

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