15 Rare 6th grade graduation gift ideas for son

It’s graduation season, and if you have a son graduating 6th grade, you’re likely looking for the perfect gift to mark this special milestone. Celebrating graduating is important, and you likely want the perfect gift to commemorate your son’s accomplishment of reaching middle school. Whether you’re looking for something to give during the graduation ceremony or something to be opened and enjoyed afterward, you’ll find plenty of great 6th-grade graduation gift ideas for a son.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 15 great 6th-grade graduation gift ideas for a son, including something special to give during the ceremony and items to be enjoyed afterward. Here are some fantastic 6th-grade graduation gift ideas:

A New Tech Device.

Surely, your son would love to receive a new tech item, such as a Bluetooth speaker, tablet, or smartwatch. For a special graduation gift, go for a device that has just been recently released or something that your son would not ordinarily purchase for himself.

 A Subscription to His Favorite Magazine.

Whether your son loves sports, fashion, electronics, or cars, get him a subscription to his favorite magazine. Not only will it keep him occupied during the summer months, but it’s also a great way for him to stay informed and up-to-date on the topics that interest him.

 A Gift Card.

If you’re unsure what type of gift to get your son for 6th-grade graduation, a gift card to his favorite store will surely be a hit. Many stores offer gift cards in different denominations, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

 A Personalized Mug.

Help your son celebrate this special milestone by getting him a personalized mug with his name, graduation year, and a graduation-themed image or saying.

 A Concert Tickets.

Whether your son loves classic rock, hip-hop, R&B, or country, concert tickets to his favorite artist will surely be a hit.

 A Sporting Goods Gift Set.

If your son loves sports, get him a sporting goods gift set. Include items such as a kickball, basketball, or baseball glove to help him stay active. Or, get him items such as a soccer ball and jump rope so he can practice his skills.

 A Personalized T-Shirt.

A personalized t-shirt with his name and graduation year will surely be a treasured gift. It’s great for wearing out and about, but also for reminding him of this amazing achievement whenever he wears it.

 A Special Gift Basket.

Put together a unique gift basket with items your son loves. Include items such as a new book, snacks, or a few of his favorite items.

 An Adventure.

Gift your son with a surprise day of adventure! Plan a day of fun activities like rock climbing, bike riding, or a scavenger hunt at the beach.

 A Personalized Class Yearbook.

Get your son a personalized class yearbook. Include a special message of congratulations, and get him to sign it with his classmates.

 Music Lessons.

If your son loves music, enroll him in music lessons. Choose from various instruments, such as guitar, piano, or drums.

 A Gift Card to His Favorite Store.

Get your son a gift card to his favorite store. He can pick out something special to mark this important milestone.

 A Trip to His Favorite Sporting Event.

Plan a special outing to his favorite sporting event. Perfect for sports fans, this will surely be one of the 6th-grade graduation gift ideas he’ll never forget.

 A Kite.

A classic way to spend sunny days, a kite is always a great gift for kids. Get him a large kite for maximum flying range, and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy afterward.

 An Exploration Pack.

Is your son curious about the world? Gift him with an exploration pack! Include binoculars, a field guide, and a magnifying glass.


What are some of the best graduation gifts for a son graduating from 6th grade?

Some of the best 6th-grade graduation gifts for a son include a new tech device, a subscription to his favorite magazine, a gift card, a personalized mug, concert tickets, a gift basket featuring his favorite items, an adventure for the day, and a personalized class yearbook.

What type of gifts should I avoid giving for 6th-grade graduation?

You should avoid giving anything inappropriate to a 6th grader, such as alcoholic beverages, gambling-related items, or products intended for adults.

What must I remember when choosing a 6th-grade graduation gift for a son?

When shopping for a 6th-grade graduation gift for your son, it’s important to remember his interests and to choose a gift that he will enjoy and appreciate. Keep the age and his maturity level in mind when selecting the gift to ensure that it is age-appropriate.


A 6th-grade graduation is a milestone to celebrate. Remember your son’s interests when shopping for gifts, and choose something special that will help him commemorate this special occasion. With these 15 6th-grade graduation gift ideas for a son, you’ll surely find something perfect to help him celebrate.

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